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Literally Reruns – Word Puppet by Nik Eveleigh

Word Puppet by Nik Eveleigh is something I can relate to. Writers create characters and then take the job of their God and that of whatever Universe the character inhabits. Even though we control the action, no one can be certain exactly what kind of God is in charge of her/his reality. Does your God care about you? Or are you stricken with a God who has a nifty twist in mind and you are nothing but a means of arriving at it?

Personally speaking, the characters I create are real to me, and although I’m not bonkers to the degree that I don’t know the difference between one of them and my neighbors, I feel a certain responsibility to deal with them fairly–even when bad stuff must happen. This piece gives a fresh look at an age-old dilemma, that if a writer cannot on some level identify with, then, maybe, that person isn’t really a writer.

Q: How closely do you identify with your characters. It seems to me that you invested a lot of yourself in your characters–especially in the Storm Crow stories.

A: Before I dive in with an answer I must of course remember my manners and say thank you Leila both for the rerun selection and the questions. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say there’s a part of me in most of my central characters – my dear friend Stormcrow has more of me in him than I care to admit (titter, titter, tee-hee). Stories tend to come in one of three guises for me – a subject or setting that piques my interest, a character that seems to talk to me or things I write out of my own fears or insecurities. The first two often have versions of me where a trait is taken to the extreme, the last option tends to be closer to the real thing.

Q: Was it difficult to have this one come off as smoothly as it does? I like the circular structure, rounding back to the beginning.

A: It’s been a while but generally once I start something it flows out pretty smoothly – the challenges for me always revolve around the sibling devils of procrastination and time. I often write things where I don’t know the ending but obviously in this case I had a clear agenda to get to – and from memory I seem to recall it meant the words came a little more slowly than other stories but also needed less of an edit afterwards.

I’m glad you enjoyed the structure of it and I noted in your original comments that you approved of the tense – I’ll be sure to pass on the usual fee 🙂



Word Puppet

9 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Word Puppet by Nik Eveleigh”

  1. Nik,
    Thank you for your lovely answers, they more than satisfied the fee.

    To all–it is always great to have Nik return to the site. For those of you new to him please check out his other stories– especially the Stormcrow tales.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great to see Nik featured – we have waited a long time for a new piece from him but there are other things in life that come higher on the priority list than fiction. Not that many though and I just keep my fingers crossed that old Stormcrow is out there somewhere champing at the bit and in the absence of the feathered one perhaps something else from the Eveleigh pen.

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    1. Thanks Diane – the constant support and encouragement from you, Hugh and Leila means so much to me and ensures that I don’t entirely forget that I quite liked writing the odd story now and again. I’ll be back, you have the feathery one’s word along with my own x

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  3. Hi Nik,
    No plaudits cause there are no plaudits needed.
    Just a size ten up whatever sphincter that you wouldn’t enjoy!!!
    Get your sodding pen out once again!!!!!!
    You are too fucking talented not to write!!
    And only you and Adam West have a chance at touching Leila’s record of continual acceptances!!
    HAH – That may sound harsh but it is sent with all the love that I can muster!!!
    All my very best to you, T, and your lovely Chuckies!! (If you need to ask, it’s Scottish rhyming slang – Chuckie Stanes – Weans (Sounded Wayne’s, which is kids.)
    All my very best to all of you and looking forward to you being here in Britain – Maybe that catch up could happen!!!!

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    1. I can feel the love in that boot my friend 🤣🤣 Duly noted, I have added to todays list of tasks “be a writer again” so let’s see if it does the trick! Sending the very best from me, T and the chuckies!


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