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Literally Reruns – Two Characters In a Shantytown by Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan’s Two Characters in Shantytown is a high combination of realism, art, despair, the past and that which carries the same into the future. The “cartographer” knows that the story will not come full circle until someone is fed to the river.

Tom excels at descriptive prose, and he continuously is able to step inside his characters, then quickly away to provide immediate contrast, and create intimacy.

Q: Is this based on an actual event?

Q: This plays out as the Sins of the Father spreading like a virus. Do you believe that madness can be passed from one person to another?



Two Characters Caught up in a Shantytown


2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Two Characters In a Shantytown by Tom Sheehan”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Another excellent example from Tom’s immense catalogue. But let’s be honest, you are spoiled for choice!

    Tom – It is always a privilege my fine friend. It looks like we will have another mile-stone to celebrate come Christmas!!

    All the very best guys!


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