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Literally Reruns – Ray’s Vision by Adam West

I hopped into the Wayback machine and located this piece by one of Literally Stories founding Editors, Adam West. It is a keen look at the Cult of Personality and the usage of women somehow justified by a higher power of the user’s invention.

Q: This story is closer to seven than six years old. Do you recall what you were thinking about when you wrote it?

Q: Do you think that Ray actually believed his vision, or was he his own first con job?



Ray’s Vision

Adam’s response:

Thank you for choosing Ray’s Vision for a rerun. I am always humbled when anyone reads or rereads one of my stories.

Q1. It was difficult to recall what I was thinking when I wrote Ray’s Vision when asked. However, I suspect I was hoping to write a thought provoking short story using short sentences shorn of superfluous words. Perfect or at least improve on a minimalist style. Most writers strive for a voice once they have understood that their ‘voice’ is what distinguishes themselves from other writers (and slavishly mimicking another writer’s style will not work). Achieving a distinct voice, I believe, is the key to success if you judge success by how popular your writing is.

Q2. Was Ray a con artist or did he believe he was the son of God? Because that question was central to my thoughts and ideas whilst composing this story I chose not to decide either way. It is that question alone that was the inspiration for the story. Con artist. Psychosis. Self-deception. Can we tell the difference?

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Ray’s Vision by Adam West”

  1. Hi Leila / Adam,
    Excellent as always Leila!
    Seeing Adam’s name causes me to feel some nostalgia.
    It is interesting what he writes about finding your voice. I totally agree, you can’t copy, you have to find your own. But here’s the difficult part, you can’t work too hard at that either, if you do it can come across as contrived or having your views bleed into your stories.
    All you can do is try not thinking about it and hope that your voice develops naturally.


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