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Literally Rerun – Julias End by Hugh Cron

Imagine as STRONG ADULT CONTENT as you can and multiply it by ten.

The above stands as fair warning. Not for just the faint of heart, but even for the hardest of the same.

I’ve selected this piece by our own Hugh Cron because it is controversial, well done, harrowing and guaranteed to offend half the people who read it. That means it is interesting. Now, this piece was one of the free passes Hugh received when he hit the hundred story mark a couple years back. It is relentless and you cannot take your eyes off it. It’s appearance had also met resistance, and for good reasons.

Still, I’m glad it got to us, and I bring it back to allow Hugh another chance to reflect and speak on the subject of this extremely dark tale. I’ll skip the normal questions, other than ask Hugh how time has changed (if at all) his feelings about Julia’s End.



Julia’s End

Hi Leila,

Thanks so much as always, for picking one of my stories.

This one has a bit of a history. It started off with the very first line and for the life of me, I can’t remember where I got that! It became a short which was in a collection that I sent out and got nowhere, as did all of my poetry, shorts and novels – Not that I’m bitter.


Anyhow, I’m calm now, I re-worked it but as already stated it was refused by my lovely fellow editors.

HAH!!! Not going there!!!

I totally understand why, but I really did like this story in all it’s nastiness. I’m never graphic but the circumstances in this are pretty grim and initially, I loved the idea of fucking with readers perceptions and idea of blame – I still do.

In answer to your question, I still think about this and wonder if I can find any good in any of them…Probably not. However, I still reckon that all initial blame lies with him. He was a rapist and as far as I’m concerned, rapists, beasts and those who cry rape should all be executed by brush shaft. (I’ll leave that to your imaginations – Although I would say, I don’t mean being beat over the head with a brush shaft!!)

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted anything that I’ve written but come my dotage, if I ever start writing standard romances, please get the brush shaft out.

And for fuck sake – Only beat me over the head with it!!!

Thanks again Leila, this is always a blast to do!!!


6 thoughts on “Literally Rerun – Julias End by Hugh Cron”

  1. Hugh–

    In the wild roller coaster ride that is Western Culture (the East always strikes me as having greater philosophical maturity), stories like this one are either hailed as brave literary works (which this one is) or cause the same bozos who object to the language in Huck Finn without looking at the context to freak out loudly. For whatever reason the free thinking we experience in youth degrades into an ease of indignation after there are spouses and children. Not everyone, maybe not even most of us do this, but a sum enough to be annoying go that way, and they are usually the types who make a noise out of proportion to common sense as well as their numbers.

    That’s just a fancy way of rooting you on to keep doing what you do and to hell with the prudes who couldn’t handle free thinking–those who imploded intellectually and see dirt all around them.

    Thank you for your addition to this post and I hope that the smart and the other kinds of people read Julia’s End.



    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks again and again – You know what I mean.
      It is fun when thinking about what you have written to see if you pick up on the thread that you were going for initially!!


  2. You know I admire your writing courage and the way you take on a subject and refuse to sugar coat anything and this is a strong example of that. Long may it continue. But, the line that really stands out to me in this story is the one delivered by the morther to Julia when she tells her that she is just a consequence. I think that learning to live with that when it’s from a parent that you have always loved and thought loved you back must be devastating. Mind you, this character that you have created is so far outside what I would think of as ordinary – well who knows. Shocking stuff Hugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks so much for the comments.
      Yep, I quite liked the ‘consequence’ line – Well not like as such but I did think it said so much.
      I always love to read your take on my stories!


  3. I go from sympathy to antipathy for the mother and daughter and from curiosity to disgust with the father / lover / rapist. It’s one of those stories where I end up not liking any of the characters but like the story. Glad LA allowed we who missed it the first time to get a second chance to read it.


    1. Hi Dave,
      I totally agree, none of the characters come off as anything resembling a decent human being. – But it is interesting to think on all the catalysts and whether or not this makes any of it understandable??
      Thanks as always my fine friend.

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