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Literally Reruns – Christmas Daze by Alexander Wardrope

I hope Lelia isn’t expecting egg nog and chestnuts and all that stuff with this because though the story is excellent there are flowers in the garden and the barbecue is ready to go. Anyway this is what she said:

Christmas tales don’t exactly thrive at LS. No one running the show has ever expressed a desire to see more of them. But if you must write one, following the high standard set by Alexander Wardrope is recommended. (Every time I write his surname goddam autocorrect changes it to Wardrobe.)

Christmas Daze almost dates back to the LS Big Bang in 2014. Lots can happen in a few years; people forget about the things they wrote a long time ago, and sometimes they move to undisclosed locations beyond the long reach of search engines. Even though it’s been some time since Mr. Wardrope has surfaced in these parts, let’s attempt to lure him  into the open with a couple of questions.

Q: My happy long term exposure to the writings of Hugh Cron has made this accessible to my American ear. Yet one’s nationality does not guarantee success when it comes to one’s own naturalistic dialogue. You make it look easy. Still, does conveying the voices require constant revising?

Q: This is a wonderful take on the Nativity. I find it funny, irreverent and respectful at the same time. Alas, however, the stupid people. Has any of their number failed to see the humor and  flipped you shit over this piece?

Leila Allison


Christmas Daze by Alexander Wardrope – Adult Content

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Christmas Daze by Alexander Wardrope”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Sandy is a fellow Ayrshireman, only he is from North and I am South but it’s great to re-visit this story and ‘hear’ that dialect without having to think on it. If I remember correctly, Sandy is from Saltcoats. One of my claims to fame is that in his neighbouring town of Ardrossan, I spent an afternoon as a stranger in a pub and got out alive. It cost me a few double rums as I buttered up an old local and he took a liking to me, so we were welcomed. (Well, he took a liking to the rum!!)
    I take it Sandy is on broadband new as I’m sure he would have got a kick out of answering.
    In a past life, in a past site, one of his characters was a Rottweiler called ‘Thatcher’! It was a wee shame for the dug being called after a bitch.
    Hope he does eventually come across this!!
    And brilliant job as always Leila!!!!


  2. There’s no Christmas cheer till presents aren’t swiped and swears aren’t in place The trio, though a bunch of fools, elicit a good feel that the reader can’t ignore. Had to read a few dialogues over again, but the gist was clear. It’s a very different style of writing with accurate dialect. Wish the author could’ve answered the questions. 🙂


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