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Literally Stories – Sky Clad by Diane M Dickson

Leila has done me the great honour of not only suggesting one of my scribbles but also making me honorary ‘mother’ of all you lot. So eat your greens, get your elbows off the table and have a look at this:

I have requested that this “song” be played on Mother’s Day (as it is observed in the USA this year, anyway) because it was written by a fine all around author who happens to be a mother, and one of the founding parents of his site.

I am a firm believer that sincere amusing gifts rate ahead of sincere sloppy gestures, although both will always lag far behind diamonds and pearls gifted in any disposition. Regardless of what I believe, here’s something sincerely amusing for Mother’s Day (which has nothing whatsoever to do with Mother’s Day, otherwise) to honor that one special person who almost always fesses up to being responsible for us, no matter what the cops say we’ve done this time.


Q. Mr. Higginthorpe’s dialogue is amazing in its color, and although it is almost a foreign language to my American ear, I had no trouble following it. Do you have to work at this sort of dialect to ensure clarity, or do you just let it roll?

Thank you. I just catapult myself back to ‘wen I were a little ‘un an’ it were alus like that.’

Q. Although this is related to the story in only the most stretched sense possible, I have had the pleasure of reading some of your crime fiction and I have come away impressed by your knowledge of police procedure. It is far too meticulous to have been fudged. How was the knowledge acquired?

Oh lord, It’s a fair cop guvnor – it’s all research. I have once or twice approached a lovely police woman I know to check on a minor point and the Crime Writers Association have put on a few Webinars which have been great but generally it’s all yer’ Googlin’ – although I will admit that it’s hours and hours of Googlin’

Leila Allison


Sky Clad

8 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Sky Clad by Diane M Dickson”

  1. I thank Diane for the lovely replies and this wonderful little story. Although I’d sooner roast in hell than be a mother (should be careful what I ask for), I admire the mothers who get it right, such as Diane, and those of you out there still struggling with the ironic concept of “Little Blessing.” Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all who want to hear it. And to mothers of adult children, let the kids know that they can replace the flowers with Johnny Walker Blue anytime at all.


    1. thanks so much for chosing this. It made me grin reading it again. I don’t think there are so many old characters like this chap left any more but I do wish there were.

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  2. Hi Ladies,
    Excellent as always Leila.

    I just want to add that any story that comes across as feasible, realistic and believable when it has come from research ,shows the skill of the writer. So many writers simply add in buzz words of the topic and write topic by numbers. It needs skill and intelligence to take research and twist it so the knowledge is there but so is the individual human aspect.
    For Leila to ask you that question Diane, is a total nod to your ability as a writer!


  3. Thank you, Hugh. I love the research part of it and it’s amazing what is there on the internet. I think reading as much crime fiction as I do and also interacting with crime writers also helps – I do always remember that you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it so I spend a lot of time reading Police sites – there are actually ones written by the police for the police and they are really useful. You can also read sites written by ex-convicts. I watched a fascinating video recently by Dr Sue Black about how they are now tracing people by the blood vessesl in their arms which are as individual as finger prints and can be seen under unltra violet light. I spend a lot of time on the internet and sometimes feel guilty but there is so much information out there that it has to be worth while.


    1. Dear God! A person who uses the internet for what it was meant for. You probably go to the library for books and not to sleep in the corners ( dunno how it is is Europe, but American libraries look like homeless shelters and drunk tanks anymore).Currently half way through your Body By the Docks on my Kindle and the police procedures are authoritatively and confidently presented (oops,got adverby there). Love not meeting yet another renegade cop in letters.


      1. thank you yet again. When I met Jordan Carr I wondered if he was too good but I have had a few comments now such as yours – I think people quite like a decent copper.


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