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Literally Reruns – The Devil Went Down to Ayrshire by Hugh Cron

And here Leila has chosen a wicked piece by Editor Hugh – Stand by.

If strict observance of the Ten Commandments is the only way into Heaven, then we are all doomed. So it must be out of boredom, not necessity, that causes the Devil to visit Earth and engage people in pointless little challenges in which the grand prize is a soul he probably already owns, and if loses, is likely to regain through the continued neglect of its owner.  Yet to his credit, the Prince of Darkness plays the game straight; if you beat him, he pays off. He’s not at all a Shitty Loser like a certain Supreme Being who shall go Nameless.

There’s a mean old joke that the Devil used to find hilarious. It involves a Scotsman who came to town in a kilt that had a five pound note sewn into it, and left a year later without ever changing either. (Interestingly, another version of this knee slapper is also told in Florida, but it features a Georgia boy named Johnny, a pair of blue jeans and a five dollar bill.) I only share this potentially offensive little yuk because the Devil is handed his comeuppance by a member of the disabused Highlander race in Hugh Cron’s wickedly observant and sinfully funny The Devil Went Down to Ayrshire.

Q. The great romping nature of this story is spread evenly throughout.  Yet I wonder if you had the final idea going in or was it something you thought up when challenged to do so by the story itself?

Q. You artfully mixed Charlie Daniels’s The Devil Went Down to Georgia into the piece. From that it seems to me that you might have had fun writing this. Was that the case or was it as much work as anything else?

Leila Allison


The Devil Went Down To Ayrshire – Adult content

Hi Leila,

Thanks so much for choosing this. Any Re-Run gives me such a kick!

Qu. 1. The idea actually had been with me for a while. I think I was playing one of those riddle / puzzle games or at a pub quiz and the question was something like how could an autopsy prove that Adam was Adam. Of course the answer was – No navel. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with that but I knew there was an idea there somewhere. I don’t know why it came to me that the only advantage of being Adam would be no belly button fluff. I wondered how I could use that and, well, the best thing you can do with something excessive or lacking is win a bet with it!

So basically that image was first, the ending regarding the alcoholic Jesus – That evolved from the story as I was writing it.

Qu.2 Yep, I really did enjoy this. I have written a few that I think of as ‘Fun With Blaspheme’ and their initial ideas all sort of followed each other as I was in that mind-set even if it took some time to get them out. (‘The Second Coming’, ‘Sonny Dodds The Magical Years’ and ‘The Ten Commandments’ as well as this one.)

I think you do feel a bit guilty when you write something that you enjoy as you know that it is more self-indulgent than it should be but what the hell, I do this for the fun of it. And what the fuck, if I can piss off a sensitive who hasn’t the brains to realise that they are being offended and should give up reading – All the better!!!!

Thanks again Leila – It was a blast re-visiting this!!


8 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Devil Went Down to Ayrshire by Hugh Cron”

  1. My thanks to Hugh for both his story and enlightening (and, as always, honest) comments. Go on now and link to the story. The Devil won’t be looking for anybody in Ayrshire for a long time, unless I miss my guess.


    1. Cheers Leila,
      I don’t think the Devil would come to Ayrshire as the local council would find a way to tax him.


  2. Loved this story! Great writing, Hugh! Made me laugh on an early Sunday morning. And thank you Leila for finding this story!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great selection. Hugh, you did a masterful job with the dialog. This was a howl to read. Well done.


  4. I don’t know what I was doing July 24, 2015, but it should’ve included reading this story. Well-written, clever and hilarious. Also good intro and questions from LA. As always.


  5. Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for the kind words.
    I’m always honoured when writers such as yourself comment so positively on my work.
    All the very best my fine friend.


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