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Literally Reruns – Direct Democracy by Tobias Haglund

As luck would have it this piece has been brought to the surface in the nick of time. Leila’s comments are very pertinent now as we await the outcome of events over the next few weeks. This is what she said:

Barack Obama was the American president and David Cameron the British PM when this trenchant piece by Mr. Haglund appeared. Considering their replacements, the old saying “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” makes some of us nostalgic for when that was true. It also makes those of us who know that “188” is the correct answer to a meaningless question inside this piece need stories like this one by Mr. Haglund to give us moderately intelligent persons hope that not everything online which has something to do with politics has been written by an ideological toady.

Q: How close would you say is this admirable satire to the way things really are?

Q: I think that a smart person’s vote should carry more weight than that of an imbecile. I also believe it would be a good idea that native born citizens should have to pass the same rigorous exam that immigrants must pass before they are granted the vote. Hmmm…seems  I’m on a rant when I ought to be posting a question…Here’s one: Do you believe that even the concept of democracy cannot long survive decadence?

Leila Allison


Direct Democracy

Tobias’s responses


I wrote this story to myself more than for someone else. I didn’t actually think LS would publish it as it is more of a cynical view of politics. I can’t remember which mood I was in when I wrote this, but I’m guessing something politically depressing happened. I believe we live in an age where complicated issues are too hard to do justice in debates. Anything that takes longer than 30 seconds for a politician to explain will either not be understood or not get a fair discussion. My cynical view is that most people see the world binomially. “That guy is tough on crime, which means the other guy is soft on crime.” This means (to get back to the question) that YES, I do actually believe parts of this story and/or the essence of it are already true. 


Yes, I do believe democracy cannot survive decadence. One problem with democracy is that the voters need to be educated on subjects which they don’t have competence in, and no one can force anyone to be more informed before voting. It is a right to be ignorant and a right to vote racist. The lazy candidate will tailor policies toward  them. Since political parties behave like corporations – filling every new segment and meeting demands – every radical, idiotic, anti-human thought will find a home somewhere… Depressing answer over. No, but I’m glad you liked the story. The story was also a bit of a rant. Everyone needs to rant now and then.

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Direct Democracy by Tobias Haglund”

  1. Tobias,
    I’m always happy to see your name!
    I don’t know much about politics bar scepticism with it all.
    The total bastardisation of the system is the joke that politicians are the representation of their constituents. That phrase alone is an impossible idea. Add to that their status, income and in this country, them following the whip, how the hell can they be a true representation?


    Brilliant as always.
    Last thing on this, I can’t believe how some people believe that there will be a difference depending who is in. What they should realise is depending on who they are may prove to mean that no matter what fuckwit is running a country, there will be no difference to them.
    Rich will always be rich, and poor will always be dying too fucking quickly!!

    Thanks so much to both of you!


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