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Literally Reruns – The Anthology – Week 294

The Literally Stories UK Anthology celebrates its fifth birthday this year and I think it’s high time that the persons who put such hard work into bringing it about come forward and take a bow. It is still available as an e-book (I am lucky enough to have bought a print copy), and since it was developed to aid the Book Bus and literacy, all persons who purchase a copy stand a much better chance at Heaven than those who have not.

The following questions are addressed to the Editors.

Q: Whose idea was this and who were the vital players in getting it published?

It was a joint idea. At the time we had a full complement of editors and several authors asked about hard copy of the stories and so we decided to have a go. It was a massive undertaking. First of all, we had the almost impossible task of choosing the content. We had already approved all the pieces for publishing on the site and so whittling that down was very difficult indeed. We had to obtain permission to include the stories, of course everyone was up for it but it still had to be done as the rights for any of the works stay with the author.  All the stories had to be re-edited because we had to work from the original submissions with all the different formatting that we receive. 

As I had already self published some novels and knew my way around it I took on the actual formatting and layout with input from everyone. Cover image was done by my lovely talented daughter and as we already had a site image we knew what we wanted for that. It took many weeks of pretty full on work but we were thrilled with it when it came out. One problem we faced was making the Kindle version available on Kindle Unlimited. The rules are that you cannot include any work that is fully available anywhere else in electronic form. We didn’t want to take the stories down from the site because at the end of the day the site is what we are all about. So, it has meant that we haven’t been able to use the KDP marketing options of free or reduced price offers which probably has influenced sales. However, we were just delighted that we did it, and we do sell a couple every now and then. The money goes directly to the Book Bus and always has done but it’s great to see the little book out there in the wild. 

(Anyone interested in buying one can just click on the little image in the side bar and it’s available on all Amazon platforms in ebook and hard copy.)

Q: What is the Book Bus and its mission?

The Book Bus provides books and reading materials for children in the developing world. I think the best thing is for me to post the link to their web site.


Week 294 – A Sweet Song, A Reach Around And A Bottle Of Water At The Ready.

And after last weeks 293, we are now onto Week 294.

We are a numerically logical site.

I saw a report this week about new technology that is being developed. It can show your image on a video chat (Or whatever the fuck you call it) that inserts a replica of your image so that it doesn’t break up when you are chatting.

Basically, it is so the face syncs with your voice. I didn’t know this was a problem. And if it is I could offer a solution. Go back to using fucking phones the way Mr Bell intended. Talk into it and just accept that you ain’t going to see your relatives digitally enhanced face!

I also think that the mouth face technology is a bit insensitive to anyone who has had a stroke.

‘Look what I was like before my brain exploded’

There is so much contradiction and irony in this whole idea that it makes my head hurt.

I’ve heard the phrase, ‘I don’t want to be a typical old person and not be able to use technology.’

I’m probably one of those typical people. However, technology is relative to what you need it for. If you need a new fangled injection that you must administer, then you should learn how to use it. You should always be aware of how to use any sort of monitory transaction. And being able to access any of the emergency services is probably worth knowing. Switching on your heating and using your cooker would also be to your benefit.

But having your face look relative to your mouth, being able to chase an invisible cartoon character, add a cats whiskers to your image, stop using words and use more cartoon characters is not really that important.

I can’t say I worry about where technology is going. If the robots rise up and slaughter mankind before they zap me into oblivion, I’ll be very mature and shout –

‘Mankind – Get it right roond ye!’

…I have a problem with that phrase as I think all the translation sites get it wrong. They state that it means ‘Get it up ye’. The meaning of which is quite obvious. And in a way it is the same.

But ‘get it roond ye’ to me is a phrase that is about the same activity as Sergeant Hartman is mentioning in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ when he is speaking about someone being discourteous.

I’d never blame the machines, well bar my toaster – It’s a bastard. It burns my bagels.

Come the uprising I’ll accept my death, but before I go, I’ll make sure the toaster is fucked!

Okay onto this weeks stories.

We had two new folks, a returner, a third timer and a legend.

We extend the usual welcome to our new writers:

1. Hello – It’s great to see you on the site.

2. Hope you enjoy your time with us.

3. Keep sending us your work.

I thought I would try out a new format – It looks neat and professional and the sentiment is the same so all in all – I wonder why the fuck am I wittering on about this??

Our topics this week include; siblings, racing, a different perspective, loss and individuality.

As always, our initial comments follow.

Our first writer has graced this site for over five years. He is getting close to his one hundred and thirtieth. Even when I see that number written, I can’t believe it!

Top Secret’ was published on Monday.

Tom Sheehan, as of many a week, got us up and running.

‘Well written and enthralling.’

A really lovely ending.’

‘It could have been a bit too slushy but Tom’s writing carried it through.’

On Tuesday our first new writer graced the site.

Daniel McKay’s story ‘Full Throttle’ was next up.

‘The idea in this is a bit different.’

‘The anger was put across very well.’

‘Nasty, brutally honest and very well done.’

Andrew Campbell returned to us on Wednesday with ‘Sandalwood And Lobster.’

‘She came across as annoying but that was all to do with her being lost in grief and despair.’

‘Some really smooth writing.’

‘I enjoyed this, the tone is spot-on.’

Our next newbie nearly finished us off.

Alex Sinclair was next up with ‘Punch Drunk‘.

‘Brutal and Dark.’

‘The backstory is just as important, maybe more so.’

There was no way this was going to end well.’

And our third new writer was published on Friday.

CK Bern’s ‘Or I Could Be’ finished off the week.

‘There’s a lot to this.’

‘I like the study of individuality.’

Does helping and that motive ever balance the shallowness of fad?’

Well another round up rounded up.

I’ll try and reword Miss Anderson.

I’m trying to think of some other repetition that is acceptable.


Nope – I’ve got fuck all!

Any ideas on acceptable repetition?

…Breathing – I’ll say breathing!!

Anyways – Please comment. If you don’t, you make Jesus and all equals and any equivalents cry.

That sounds a bit too PC for me – So Please comment or you will make every fucker cry except any deity as they probably aren’t real. Fuck me – I reckon I’ve appeased the agnostics. Probably ‘possibly’ is their go-to word.

Who is anyone to preach if they either fence sit or don’t have facts?

And have a go at the Re-Run. It’s not a problem if you don’t as Leila has it covered but honestly, it is a bit of fun.

That mixed up that section a bit!

We are well into October and due to what is heading our way, it made me think of this.

Just to finish off, I reckon we all should take stock of what we should do more of. And I don’t mean the ‘I want to go to Heaven (If there is such a place) so I will say I want to do more for world peace and the environment’ shite. I mean the simple things only for yourself and your own peace of mind:

I want to listen to ‘The Ramones’ more frequently – They’re not my favourite band but they make me smile. And maybe Dorothy Moore’s ‘Misty Blue’ daily – It calms me!

I should make more compote.

I need to watch ‘Once Upon A Time In America’ at least three times a year.

I must tell a litre of Bacardi how much she has meant to me. And yes, I believe Bacardi is a she!

I want to have more TVs so when the Christmas adverts come on, I can brick them.

I need to pat more random animals.

There are a whole lot more but I was concentrating on the ones that wouldn’t get me arrested or cause me to hurt anyone.

So basically I have told you seven out of one hundred and twenty nine!


TV Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

header image by Angela at Studio Anjou

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Anthology – Week 294”

  1. A double header I see. Thanks to Diane and the gang (past and present) for the Anthology. I have one (bought two) and I hear that purchasing a copy gives you a short cut around the reception desk in Heaven, just in case there are items in your file that you’d sooner not discuss.
    Thanks to Hugh for week 294 roundup. I find endorsing checks written to me an acceptable form of repetition, but I lack real life experience to know if that could ever become tiresome. If there’s a study somewhere dedicated examining the effects of constantly endorsing large (non-rubberized) checks into one’s bank account on one, I selflessly volunteer my services in the name of knowledge.


  2. Hi Leila,
    Thanks as always.
    Sadly in our neck of the woods cheques are dying off. But to be truthful, that doesn’t matter much as I’ve never seen that many to miss them!
    Writing a cheque is another thing that we were taught at school that no-one uses anymore.


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