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Literally Reruns – Forgotten Memories by Hugh Cron

Leila has been perusing Hugh’s back catalogue and has come up with another of his little gems.  This is what she said:

I once had an idea that some future scientist (in this world or another) found a way of curing all addictions. It became impossible for anybody to get high off anything. Instead of becoming a hero, the scientist (who irrevocably and sneakily “detoxed” the entire world for generations to come) became the most hated person since Hitler. Without drugs and alcohol the world plunged into a dark age in which religion once again held sway over reason. Serve the church in life and you will go to heaven, where whisky gives you a buzz and ingesting the right kind of plant will break apart the monotony of reality.

The thing has never been written because I’m not the right person to tell the tale, but upon reading Hugh Cron’s Forgotten Memories, it seems to me that he has the right voice to provide my musing with relevance.


Q: Do you believe that an organization like the WG is inevitable?

Q: You seldom use he said/she said attribution in your work. Yet there is no confusion as to who is speaking. I have come to believe that this works because your characters quite often represent a specific idea, as it was the case in ancient classical dialogues. Am I anywhere near correct in my guess, or is this something else?

Leila Allison


Forgotten Memories


Hugh’s responses:

I’m not sure about there ever being a World Government but what I do continually wonder about is the clout that the moneymen have. If you look at the top ten richest families set against the poorest populations it is a tad unbalanced.
Money buys power, so maybe we are not being represented by our specific governments, it is more a case that those families are being secretly represented by every government that they have dealings with. So in a way, I think there is already a sort of unscrupulous co-operative for specific gain.
A percentage here or there means nothing to anyone except the richest. That is what really fucks me off when I hear folks ranting on about their vote. No matter who is in, they would scrape us off their shoes and leave us to die to please who they need to.
I don’t like using ‘he said’ / ‘she said’ as you can begin to trip over it when reading. It is the same if there is too much repetition of the characters name. If you think on when you talk to someone, you really only use their name when you want to get their attention.
The lack of confusion is easy enough if you have two completely different characters or they have been in totally different situations.
As for the others, I honestly don’t think on or include what distinguishes them as I believe that is when you end up with a lot of flam around the dialogue.
The characters take off on their own and I hear their dialogue in my mind and simply write down what they say. When I edit the story, I may add the odd bit of stage business like a roll of the eyes, a smile etc.
Thanks for these Leila, they were fun thinking on!!!

4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Forgotten Memories by Hugh Cron”

  1. Good job with the answers Hugh!
    In fact everybody answers them brilliantly, every week.
    I’d say that these brilliant answerers are born daily comment makers, but many (except Hugh,Henson, Sharon, Fuzzyheaded, Harrison and a very few others) of them seem not to know it.

    I’ll fix that: “Hey, all you writers of fine highlighted stories who never comment. You are all loved and are beautiful and are born comment makers! Yes, yes, you are. Remember this: It’s a sin not to share your gifts with the world.”
    Sincerely or howeverly you like it,
    Leila Allison

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Leila,
      And if you will, I will!
      That is – Keep prodding at the shy. I don’t think they realise how liberating it is to comment. I can also say that I have come up with quite a few stories when either answering or commenting. It also makes you look at the works in different ways. All good but there is still something that holds many folks back.
      The site is great fun to be involved in, but I still get that wee extra buzz when I see any of my stories!!
      Thanks as always for everything!!!


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