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Literally Reruns – Drafted by Jaclyn Adomeit

Does Leila take the break at Easter as we slackers in LS Towers do – she does not, she scurries down to the basement to unearth a gem. This is what she said:

The famous “Wow Signal” was heard only once by the ear of those seeking E.T. back in 1977. Ever since, Science often points a listening horn in the Wow Signal’s direction for a repeat performance as to ascertain whether the pulse was a manifesto sent by Zoltan of Ixygonnix III or just somebody making microwave popcorn in the neighboring break-room. (Interestingly, the existence of Zoltan of Ixygonnix III at any time is more likely than there being microwave popcorn in 1977.) This sort of thing, however,  is not confined to the trials and tribulations of SETI, for one Jaclyn Adomeit Wow-signalled LS in the summer of 2015, and even though the site has patiently awaited a follow-up performance ever since, her canon remains composed of just one item.

But what an item it is. Drafted has retained its elegant power over the years. It may seem shameful that I at last visited it only because Ms. Adomeit and I are close neighbors alphabetically; as close as the Sun and Proxima Centauri. You see, whenever my vain-assed ego visits my page, I see her name listed slightly above mine. This random circumstance at last moved me to check out her work and I was impressed by her one story. ‘Tis difficult to say something new the about hellworlds to come, but Adomeit has done it. So I feel it my duty to point her steady little signal your way before it falls too deep back into the black of space and time for it to be heard without the assistance of the Allen Array.

Leila Allison



1 thought on “Literally Reruns – Drafted by Jaclyn Adomeit”

  1. Another brilliant choice Leila!
    I would just like to mention a memory of 1977. I was belted by my Nazi headmistress for not singing that song for that thing that stays in that big hoose in that there London!
    Even at ten years old, I didn’t think 25 years was anything to celebrate


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