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Week 165 – Professor Hawkin, Kicking Stones And…Two In The Dead.

Here we are at week 165. This is one of the most up to date postings that I’ve ever written.

I’ve just heard the very sad news that Stephen Hawkin has died.

Are all physicists atheists?

What the hell, I just hope that if there are Pearly Gates, Darwin is there to meet him and he thinks, ‘Fuck!…We…Were…All…Right!’

You’ve probably gathered, I don’t really understand religion or physics by that last statement. But if he’s to become an angel, I do know enough to realise that it will take the wing span of an Albatross to lift him and his wheel chair and computer equipment. It’s a pity he wasn’t a dyslexic geometrist as being an angle would take a lot less effort.

I studied physics at school. I didn’t understand it. I passed. That made me very sceptical of our education system.

This reminiscing got me thinking on things I miss.

No-one kicks stones down a street anymore. There are too many cars. When I was a kid, I got a helluva lot of pleasure of kicking a stone from one pavement to another. You needed a bit of force to bounce it off a kerb and forwards. It’s ironic that when I was a kid, there were very few cars as most folks were away working. Now-a-days there are so many cars belonging to those who don’t work.

I miss tuning in a radio station via a knob. The orgasmic pleasure you got when you managed to find a clear signal will never be repeated.

I also enjoyed opening a car with a key. Although pushing a button really would fuck up many a horror film. You would need to be happy with the buxom blonde just tripping instead of tripping and fumbling with the door lock.

I really do miss having only three TV stations. I now have a hundred stations of pish to moan about.

The alkie to junky ratio is wrong on our High Streets. I enjoyed and miss the alkies.

The disappointment of having to wait for a bath was a cracker. If you were going on a hot date and couldn’t wait, your ardour was cooled by the freezing water.

But most of all I miss people not talking about their feelings. ‘How you doing’ was just a hello. Now it’s a fucking opening to an hour of arseholes telling you what is fucking bothering them. Shut the fuck up, suffer the ulcer and deal with the madness. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Ah memories…They are so over-rated!

OK onto this weeks stories.

We had two new writers, two returning authors and one of our seasoned stalwarts for your entertainment.

The topics include; fake (?) news, a haze, drug seeking, relationships and a transformation.

As always our initial comments follow.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our first author but it was worth the wait. On Monday we published Jonathan DeCoteau’s second story, ‘Confessions Of A Failed Weekly World News Reporter‘.

‘I do chose to believe.’

‘I thought the tone was very well done.’

‘The writing flowed, it was very well constructed.’

Now I had to count and maybe I’m wrong but I reckon Leila Allison’s ‘The Dreampurple Light‘ was her 36th story for us! Every one is worth a look folks!!

‘I found this very emotional.’

‘An amazing piece of writing.’

‘There are no gimmicks, this is written as it would be said and that is one helluva talent.’

We had another returning author on Wednesday. We know that we have more coming up from L’Erin Ogle but for now we published her second story, ‘Broke Nose‘.

‘The section about pain being measured and what a ten is was brilliant.’

‘A hard unremitting ramble.’

‘As a story and as a start to an understanding, this needs to be published.’

And our last two authors are new to us. Hopefully they will both continue to send us their work and we’ll soon be talking about their 36th!!

On Thursday Kara Barrett had her short story, ‘The Girl Who Became A Goose‘ published.

‘A wonderful mixture of melancholy, sadness, desperation and madness.’

‘A beautifully written modern folk tale.’

‘This could be read as pure fantasy or there are plenty of metaphors to ponder.’

And to finish off we had Alex Frank. We extend the same welcome to him.

Some Animals‘ was published on Friday.

‘A downbeat slice of life story.’

‘There is a sadness all the way through.’

‘Even though there was very little to this it kept me hooked.’

That’s us for another week.

There was another celebrity death this week but I think that only folks in Britain would understand what he was all about. Check out Ken Dodd on YouTube. I’m not really sure if that will really help any of our friends of other nationalities!

He was King of The Diddy Men – He is now one of The Deidy Men. (That may only work for readers in Scotland.)

I’m off to listen to ‘Tears’ and try and work out a formula for lift to weight ratio.


(Oh shit! I’ve just heard that Jim Bowen has died…Again I can’t explain him. ‘Bullseye’ was the crack cocaine of bad quiz shows!

Entertainers of a certain era in Britain were either paedophiles or enigmas. Thankfully both Jim and Ken were enigmas.)

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4 thoughts on “Week 165 – Professor Hawkin, Kicking Stones And…Two In The Dead.”

  1. Coincidentally, one of the books I am currently reading is Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. It’s a reread, to see if I have gotten smarter since the last time I read it. Okay, tried to read it. Amazing will there. ALS for 55 years. And I let a hangnail get in my way. But, gosh, it is a mofo of a hangover….. hangnail, that is.
    And you are right–too much stuff going on. I miss what my mother called the sense of Sunday. 24/7, at the touch of a hangover…finger, that is, causes over familiarity.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Rip the hangnail off and if it goes down to the quick, dip your finger very quickly into really hot water continuously. It takes away the pain.
      And to avoid hangovers, just stay drunk!
      Thanks as always!!


  2. The great physicist’s death leaves a black hole here, regardless of where he is or isn’t now. I like your reminiscences. Memory lane can be a pleasant place if you avoid the dark and twisty parts.


    1. My nephew once said to me that the media slagged off David Beckham for being thick but they never mentioned anything about Professor Hawkins being a shit footballer.
      Maybe a tad cruel but there is a statement of acceptance in there somewhere!!
      Thanks David, your continual interest in the site humbles us!!!!
      All the very best my friend.


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