Week 126 – Penny Dreadful, Bambi And Vera McBastard.

Well folks, here we are at week 126.

This number is pish and is no inspiration what-so-ever. Even saying that number bores, unless you have that weird wee whistle when you pronounce the letter ‘s’.

So I had to look elsewhere for inspiration.

My friends have just become grandparents. Their daughter and her partner have called the wee fellow Jude. Now I don’t know if they are fans of the actor or followers of the saint. For the kiddies sake, I hope neither and they just like it!!

That became my inspiration for the week.

I began thinking on names. It’s weird how some can suit the person or more frequently the cat. There are some cracking cat names that I can think of: Penny Dreadful, Grimley Fiendish, Renfield, Fritzl, Birdbank, Smeagol, Flearoy & Vomit. (Flearoy, I have stolen from an advert)

All of these suit the weird wee beasties. It’s easy for me to think of a few cat names, but I am rubbish at characters.

When writing you need to get the names correct and suited to the story. That’s why we have so many called ‘Troy’, ‘Trent’, ‘Bambi’ and ‘Hope’ in romance. They are all shit names which go with the shit genre.

You never get a butch male character called Trevor, a professor called Boaby or a Superhero called Bernard.

I don’t give my characters names any thought, I just use whatever name I am looking at whilst I write, be it in a newspaper, article or whatever.

But that can cause its own problems. A name can completely change where your plot is going. I tried to write my very first touching Gay story. A sort of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ without the mountain or writing skill. But the curse of the names steered me off:

He looked into his eyes. They knew that this was going to happen. The longing had always been there but now, now in this very moment, their moment, they were going to act on and celebrate their love for each other.

He moved in tentatively, smiling gently. Their lips parted and they shared their first soft kiss.

‘Are you ready to come out of the closet?’ Adolf whispered.

‘Closet? I’ve just got out of the bunker’ Sadam replied.

Adolf became tearful, ‘Don’t talk to me about bunkers!!’

Damn that copy of ‘Dictators Weekly’ that was sitting next to my laptop!

Names are difficult and using the wrong one can be disastrous. Try calling out your spouse’s siblings name in the heat of passion and you will end up with a whole lot of unpleasantness and steering towards loneliness!

And are you ready for it…Another crap link!!!!

OK, now onto a bunch of writers who have no such problems with their character’s.

We have another two new writers for your entertainment. We wish Tom Jenson and Simon McHardy a hearty welcome and we hope that we have a long and successful relationship with both.

We also had two old friends and me.

Topics were all on the darker side and included runners, abuse, religion, horror and death seeking death.

As always our initial comments follow.

Our first débutante was published on Monday. Tom Jensen began the week with the wonderful ‘Joggers

‘I don’t think CMT fits, this made me laugh.’

‘Funny premise and quite original.’

‘As a man who spends far too much time surrounded by joggers, I need to give this a ‘yes’ to ensure our cover remains until we can overthrow the world.’

We were delighted to publish Dave Henson’s seventh story for us on Tuesday. (If you haven’t checked out his work, please do so. Dave is an active commentator and a very imaginative writer. ‘Squirrel’ and ‘My Powdered friend’ are two of his stories that have stayed with me.)

The Real Bad Snowman‘ was next on our published list.

‘The tension and eventually the real, unspoken threat unrolls slowly until the end when we are left uncomfortable, saddened but knowing.’

‘Sad, tragic and full of tension.’

‘An excellent piece of writing.’

It’s unusual for me to be published on a Wednesday, I don’t know why!

I would just like to say that I’ve been wanting to write something about this since I first saw the images. It has taken a long time to come up with something that I thought did the real story justice. (And thankfully, no made up names!)

As always I thank my fellow authors for all their help and support with The Perfect Personification Of Religion.

On Thursday we have our wonderful macabre star. Again, if you haven’t read any of Ashlie Allen’s stories please check them out. You can’t mistake one of Ashlie’s stories and they will stay with you!

Our penultimate offering of the week was the brilliantly titled, ‘Her Teeth, My Delusion.’

‘Brutal and mesmerising.’

‘Ashlie is original, that’s for sure.’

‘A weird, violent, desperate, sad story that you are absolutely hooked into.’

And that brought us neatly round to Friday. Our second new author finished off the week. ‘The Last Gift‘ was Simon McHardy’s offering.

We hope that both of our newbies continue to send in such excellent work.

‘Well that was a bit distasteful – So all good there!’

‘Does death make you more selfish? That’s something to ponder.’

‘This was pretty original, and we all know how difficult that is!’

That’s another week gone, but I’m sure a new one will pop up beginning on Monday.

I’m going to work on character’s names.

…Wait a minute, I’ve just thought of one. And the plot writes itself!

‘Vera McBastard’ will be about a sainted social worker.

…Surely that can’t change!?


Banner Image: Pixabay with enhancements!!!

3 thoughts on “Week 126 – Penny Dreadful, Bambi And Vera McBastard.

  1. A mind-bending and enlightened wrap as always, Hugh. Bad news, however, brews. An FC of mine, Ms. Renfield Stoker-Belle, is in a snit because she isn’t convinced that her name should be used for a cat, “Like, Fluffy, right?” But she is an easy going person, so I doubt she’ll get the Union on you. Regards, LA


    • Hi Leila,
      Does your pal eat spiders and other wee creepy beasties?
      Renfield is just a cracking name. And that is all to do with some very fine character writing.
      Thanks as always!!


  2. She will eat anything if there’s enough Hennessey in her. She also has a passion for Transylvania, Dr. Frank-n-furter, Transexualtransylvania and all things “gummy.” She also believes that there should be a golf tournament in which all participants must be as high as Tiger Woods and John Daly. Call it the Career Suicide Open. LA


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