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Week 90 – Interviews, Scripts And Unrelated Diplomas

typewriterI have been using all my writing skills this weeks folks. I have been creative, sparse with the truth, fantasised and down-right lied. Nope I have not been writing a novel or a new short, I have applied for a job.

It is always a difficult balance to get right. You do need to write yourself up but you don’t want to come across as an opera singer twat. (ME, ME, ME!!) However I think being the twat actually works when I look at some of the folks I have worked with over the years!

I think this is my last chance as this job doesn’t have any specific requirements for qualifications so I am hoping that experience counts. Do you remember experience? It used to count. Not anymore, as long as you are an overqualified GYP (Geeky Yes Person), you have a superb chance.

I am a bit long in the tooth, but truly believe that what you study, should be a relevant qualification for the job that you are applying for. But no! As long as you have a degree, you can apply for most things as they state, ‘Must be qualified to a degree standard.’ That is why so many psychology students end up working with computers!

Now there are some strange degrees out there, so I am sure that you can get one, on say, ‘Star Trek’. What are the chances of getting a Geography Teaching post with that? Well I suppose with some creative arguing you probably would get the job.

My biggest hurdle is getting through this email application. I don’t know how it works. Are there buzz words that a programme recognises. Does the system randomly pick? Does a date of birth pre 1986 cause the programme to laugh and spam your arse?

If I get through this part and am given an interview, then I think I have a chance. Gwen thinks I am a weirdo in so many ways, but not being bothered with interviews is her number one in her ‘Hugh is a freak’ list. But when you think on it, how many times in your life do you have three or four people actually interested in what you say and more importantly, how many times in your life do you get to talk about yourself for three quarters of an hour? Single folks are feeling smug right now!!

There is something that really does annoy me and that is scripted questions. Normally at the end of an interview, you are asked how you felt it went and I think you have every right to point out that scripted questions only evoke scripted answers. But then you are ear-marked as a trouble-maker, a free thinker and definitely not a yes person. Thankfully the job I am going for isn’t with a local authority or a church so I might be OK.

Now onto more acceptable pieces of fiction, our stories for this week. We had an abundance of colourful characters, some unwritten rules, office weirdness, a wee bit horror and a lot of alcohol.

Only one new person this week. As usual, our initial comments are recorded.

That very person was Mitchell Toews and he was first up on Monday with ‘Breezy And The Six-Pack Sneaker.‘ We welcome Mitchell and hope he continues to contribute.

‘All very authentic characters.’

‘There is a good feel to this.’

‘This is very nicely written with a sense of place.’

On Tuesday it was the return of the very busy Adam Kluger. He continues to send in high quality stories. ‘The Sixth Floor‘ was no exception.

‘This says many things about motivation, buzz-words and team building crap.’

‘I found this quite scary.’

‘It was a bit cult like and unsettling.

Wednesday is a familiar middle of the week day and we had another old friend and excellent story teller. Tom Sheehan had his story ‘Eddie Smiledge, Houseman‘ published.

‘The timing of Tom’s stories is always perfect.’

‘This left me with tears.’

‘The codes of behaviour were brilliantly played.’

Now what can I say about Thursday’s effort? Well it was me with a fly-on-the-wall look at two friends as they got drunker and an unspoken rivalry becoming an opportunity for one of them.

The Girl Of My Best Friend‘ gave me the buzz of being published and I thank the other Editors for accepting it!

And as always, we came to Friday. Fred Foote sent in the wonderfully atmospheric and eerie ‘East Wind‘. As with all our regulars, we are in awe of the quality of work and the number of stories that these guys have produced.

‘Crafty little story’

‘It’s a talent to keep the voice consistent whilst changing the perceptions.’

‘No real hint throughout on where it would end up.’

That’s another round up done and dusted.

Next week my posting may be happy. I may write about Limbo. But more likely there will be a ‘Strong Adult Content’ tag whilst I rant, rave and cry!!!



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4 thoughts on “Week 90 – Interviews, Scripts And Unrelated Diplomas”

  1. A good idea might be starting your own university.Offer such courses as tricorder certification, time travel etiquette, alternative vampire eradication, and perhaps “twerking,” simply because it’s more fun to say than watch. No matter, I hope it goes well for you as it went for this week’s stories.
    L. Allison


    1. I like that idea Leila,
      They could bring a litre of booze, I could teach them nothing, they would forget nothing and we could do the same for the duration of the course.
      Excellent idea!!
      And thanks for the good wishes. (I still haven’t heard and my disappointment is looming)


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