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The Sixth Floor by Adam Kluger

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“Welcome to your new home down on the sixth floor, Mr. Smith…it may just look like a cubicle farm… but it’s really so much more”

“Call me Ted, please…otherwise you’ll make me feel older than I already am.”

“You got it Mr. Smith…I mean Ted…any questions?”

“I’m sure I’ll think of a million…but none right now.”

“Isn’t that always the case.”

“OK…here’s one question…where’s everybody else? It’s already five past nine…I hope I’m not working with a bunch of young slackers.”

“Actually, Mr. Smith–I mean Ted…everybody’s on a corporate retreat with Mr. B… he likes to take the entire crew somewhere warm during Winter.”

“So why aren’t you with everybody else?”

“Just lucky I guess.”

“So what should I be doing then?”

“Oh, just settle in… get uncomfortable…ha-ha.”

“Yeah, it is pretty hot in here…is the A/C on the fritz…also, I don’t see any water coolers–where am I going to waste time and catch up on the office gossip?”

“Yeah, about that…actually, Mr. B prefers the office at a high temperature…he says he likes to see all his employees sweating…that profound agony is good for the soul…or something like that…he’s a motivational genius…he’s got a million sayings like that.”

“Yeah, looking forward to speaking with this Mr. B–I’ve got a lot of ideas on how he could improve things in this office–like maybe even add a window somewhere.”

“Ha, Mr. Smith – I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation, trust me.”

“It’s Ted…call me Ted.”

“Yeah right, well I’ve go to go now Ted–but I can tell you are going to be a lot of fun here at the Sixth Ring

Corporation …says on your resume you used to have your own small law practice. That’s awesome.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

“Mr. B gets a real hard-on for ex-lawyers.”

“Lucky me.”

“You said it, Ted.”


Adam Kluger

Banner Image: The accompanying image was submitted by the author. For more of his art work visit his artist page 

3 thoughts on “The Sixth Floor by Adam Kluger”

  1. From grim experience I know that the only difference between this unlucky fellow’s new gig and the corporations on earth is the ability to call out sick. If sudden illnesses seem glittering with possibilities, then its probably time to brush up your resume and begin emulating the recently sainted Mother Teresa instead of Mr. Trump. Such will prevent you from winding up in the “special place” that Mr. Kluger has clearly brought forth without mentioning any names that have no names.
    L. Allison


  2. Hi Adam,
    I loved the underlying current with this one which was exquisitely nasty.
    And I’ll thank you in advance as you have given me an idea for my next Saturday’s posting. I’ll be sure to give you a nod.
    All the very best my friend.


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