Week 85 – Time, Pine And A Lottery Win.


Here we are again folks, we have followed on ‘Week 84’ with the logical, ‘Week 85’ We thought that was for the best!!

I can’t believe that it has been a whole seven days since I wrote the last Saturday’s post. The time is flying by. I began to wonder why it seems that way and I have a theory. It is because my life is crap and I have nothing to look forward to. It is that bad that I count a check up at the dentist as a social event. I seek out the mad people to sit beside on a bus and then realise that I am the mad people…And I don’t care!!

All the hip and happening, trendy, beautiful people are looking forward to the weekends when alcohol and debauchery beckon. They only need to wait five days for a new experience. I have to wait until HP Sauce changes its recipe to have a taste of the wild side.

Other people are looking forward to holidays, a new car, weddings etc, etc. All this is excitement and anticipation and anticipation of excitement. This all makes time drag in. The longest weeks ever were when you were a kid and looking forward to the summer holidays and six weeks away from school. I was a strange child, it figures. I only enjoyed two weeks of the holidays and then freaked out the other four about going back! Still, I miss the worry.

As an adult, if you aren’t looking forward to anything, time flies by. The extent of your anticipation is just before you go to bed and you wonder when you wake up, will your elbows hit against some pine. (I had to change my wording on that as ‘feeling wood’ has another meaning!!) Yep death isn’t so frightening when your life is so boring!

I love to listen to some of the younger idealistic members of our society. They have plans. They want to do this, achieve that. They think about the future and all they can see is them being successful. I help them with my wisdom. I point out that no matter what they do, no matter what they plan and no matter what they hope for, life just turns to shite. Not many youngsters talk to me anymore. I should be upset but in a way, I do have something to look forward to and that is the day in thirty years or so when they say, ‘Know something, that miserable git was right, everything has turned to shite.’ But that won’t happen as in thirty years or so, I will have awoken to find my elbows hitting off of pine!!

Reading this back, I wonder if I am depressed! But I don’t think so. There is a simple way to test whether you are depressed or not. Think of what is annoying you and imagine the annoyance away. If you feel a twinge of happiness at that thought, you ain’t depressed. You are just pissed off with a situation.

Now onto our stories this week. Two new writers, a returner and two old seasoned professionals. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the mix we have of returning authors and new writers!!

Topics for the week included connections, human vultures, Incas and two larger than life characters.

As always, some of our initial comments are included.

Silas Tully, Mechanized‘ was first up on Monday. Tom Sheehan’s work continues to impress and he has set a standard that we have now come to expect.

‘A light fun read.’

‘Skilfully crafted.’

‘I enjoy these types of stories very much.’

Tuesday brought us Mr Adam Kluger and ‘Unprecedented‘. This author has trademarked character writing! We were very happy to publish his umpteenth story (I’ll need to tote all the stories per author up one day!!)


‘Gogol is fascinating.’

‘This made me smile.’

‘Amusing and poignant.’

Our first new author sent us in ‘Lessons‘ which was up on Wednesday. We welcome Carole Langille and we hope that she has more for us very soon.

‘Quirky and intriguing.’

‘The story sucked you in.’

‘The teacher was a wonderful character – Arty, disciplined, opinionated and a bit bonkers!’

We continued with our new writers on Thursday. We extend the same welcome to Andreea Daia. The wonderfully titled ‘UKHU PACHA‘ was her first story for us.

‘The tone suited the story.’

‘I enjoyed the exotic nature of this.’

Touches on past, present, revenge and the underworld were very interesting.’

On Friday we had a quick return for Julie Howard. We were so pleased to publish her second story, the intriguingly titled ‘Superman Meets Hitler.’

‘Nasty, unpleasant and very believable.’

‘There is enough relevance to touch many a reader.’

‘Very publishable.’

That is us for another week.

To slow down my quick demise, I need to realise that I do look forward to reading all the stories and my anticipation in reading them is what keeps me going. (Well that and the hope of a lottery win…Obviously!!)


Banner Image: Courtesy of pixabay.com

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