Week 82 – Tobias And Sophie

typewriterI normally ponder and wonder and look and get angry. That is what gives me the post for Saturday. (I used to write bad poetry, in fact, I still do!!) It is so good not to have to look at the world this week as it is very depressing. I am not sexist. I haven’t a sexist bone in my body but the thought of getting a Conservative Woman Prime Minister makes me shudder and think back to her who made hell a whole lot hotter!

So ignoring my dread and the whole demise of Scotland in the 1980s it was actually a very easy week to be inspired. You thought I was going to mention Andy Murray, didn’t you? Well you are wrong. Well you are right because I did mention him but only to tell you that I wasn’t going to but since we are at it, congratulations to him anyway!!

Back to my inspiration for this week and I am saying this with a smile!! One of our merry band is getting a gold band. Tobias is getting married to Sophie this weekend.

I wrote three thousand words on why not to do it but I suppose that isn’t appropriate! You see at this time most grooms believe that after they are married there will be an endless supply of passion and no ironing. And they will be nearly right. They end up with a passion for endless ironing.

I’ve been with Gwen for many, many, many, many, many…many years and I don’t know if the romance has gone out of our marriage as I sure as hell never put any in. But I do feel different about her. I am starting to judge her for staying with me. So if Sophie puts up with Tobias for many, many, many, many, many…many years, I hope we’re not too quick to judge.

I decided to think on the few good things about marriage, from a writing point of view that is. Any new groom who writes will become very experienced in topics that they may not have previously considered and have had no knowledge of. After only a few months they will be speed writing about abstinence, war zones and diplomacy. They will be astoundingly good at dialogue and writing from another persons point of view. They learn to hoover and sharpen knives whilst staring at their wrists pondering. They will start to write EMO lyrics whilst listening to ‘The Smiths’ and they will finish novel after novel. Well, lets be truthful, what else is there to do on a Friday night? From a literature point of view, getting married makes you productive.

Now back to Tobias and Sophie. I wasn’t including them in my nonsense. Honest!!

We have all got to know Tobias through the medium of Madame Email and the one thing that we can state is that, reading between the lines (I have told you before I loathe myself for these tie-ins) Tobias is an unbelievably intelligent man who is sensitive, thoughtful and ethical. So to go back to judging, if he has picked Sophie, we know what type of lady she is and we all wish them every piece of luck and success for many, many, many, many, many…many years!!!!!!

From the romance of a wedding to our stories this week. There’s no romance within. We have a comeuppance, a hair fetish, a mythological pondering, a child murder and some plant people.

Wait, I may have been wrong. The mythological pondering is about when love and non violent death get together. If that’s not a statement on marriage then I am a cannibalistic plant person!!

As usual our comments follow.

We started the week on Monday with his second story in a fortnight. Tom Sheehan had ‘Comet With A Nasty Tale‘ published.

‘This is one of these stories that when you know the doubt, you want to read it for a second time.’

‘The prose was different and mature.’

‘I enjoyed the build up.’

I never mentioned our new writers this week, we had two. First up on Tuesday was ‘Grooming‘ by Andrew Sayre’. We welcome Andrew and if this is anything to go by, we just wonder what else he has for us.

‘A bit scary’

‘Well he promised us weird and twisted!’

‘Grim, dark and sad.’

Wednesday’s author needs no introduction. The richness in his writing is always there. ‘Aphrodite And Thanatos‘ was Fred Footes offering.

‘Poetic and erotic’

‘What a mind Fred has.’

‘A clever mix of ideas when love and death collide.’

We are glad to have on board our second new writer. Dyaus Rai gave us his disturbing tale, ‘A Witness‘ on Thursday.

‘A really good nasty idea that surprised.’

‘Lots of panic and anguish.’

‘Horrible and awful.’

And yet again Friday came around too soon. The imaginative Miss Piyali Mukherjee rose to our challenge to add to her back catalogue with the wonderfully inventive ‘All They Wanted Was Angry Meat

‘All dialogue is very clever.’

‘Great imagination.’

‘A dark and disturbing undercurrent.’

Well that is us for another week. I normally end with some sort of inane comment or bad jokes but not this time.

We all sincerely wish our friend and colleague Tobias and his bride Sophie a cracking wedding day and every happiness for the future.

The only inspiration Tobias and Sophie now need is from each other.

We raise our glasses and wish them…ALL THE VERY BEST!!!!

Adam, Diane, Nik and Hugh

Banner Image: By Parkerman & Christie from San Diego, USA (Crispy Waffles with Strawberries) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “Week 82 – Tobias And Sophie

  1. I wish you and your wife many more happy years Doug!!
    I wonder what is better; A good bad woman or a bad good woman??
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
    All the very best my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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