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Week 79 – Memory, Repetition And Brigadoon.

typewriterI have come across a problem that I think we all have at some time whilst writing. I am thinking on things and then doubting if I have mentioned them before. Yep that old problem of a crap memory causing repetition. Anyone who has written more than a dozen bits and pieces begins to wonder if they have used the same phrases, the same topics, ideas, thoughts and feelings. It is hair pulling time as you need to look back. This is the writers equivalent of being drunk and repeating yourself. How many times after a few sherbets do we need to say, ‘Of course sweetheart, I know that I have already told you that, but I am just emphasising the point…Oh and did I repeat the fact that I love you?’ To which a curt ‘No!’ is the normal reply. Being drunk and reading has one advantage, you can read the paper at least three times with no penetration. When I was younger I could remember everything that I had done the previous night on the sauce, now not so much. I have forgotten conversations, visitors and my identity. I have woken up some mornings and had to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to myself to get my name. I now need to look in the kitchen to see if I ate supper. I have on occasion woken up to thinking I had some form of deformity growing on my face only to find that it was a midnight attack of the munchies and an inability to find my mouth for a toffee. This memory constipation is the same when writing, you begin to repeat and doubt and think that you have said it all before. Nine times out of ten, you have! This is why I admire the multiple authors so much. (I know that is repetition, I have mentioned that before and am emphasizing the point!!) Sure you can find some common themes but for someone to write multiple stories and for them to keep their ideas fresh is some talent. This wee weekly posting is a bit easier, I normally find something throughout the week to kick-start an idea. Hence this weeks thoughts on memory being the inspiration.

I try as much as I can to keep anything that I have written somewhere so I can check back but again due to the amount of crap that I have written and the amount of times that I have been steaming, I can’t remember what I have said, typed or forgotten! I know that there are some people who file and header, organise and prioritise. There are words for them; pedantic, anal and tube are but three. We can forgive repeated themes as long as there is something fresh for us to consider. But giving us something that starts out as a glance, then an added misunderstanding which then leads to the characters realising that they were meant for each other is so old hat that you would need to be drunk to read and hopefully forget that you burnt the story. (Emm that is just coincidence that I used a romance scenario, it could have been anything!)

Another crap link coming, surely you all must know where this is going…

And here we have this weeks stories. I can guarantee that you will be happy to remember these!!! (I loathe myself at times!!!)

This was another great week for new writers as we had three popping their Literally Stories cherry. We welcome, Marie McCloskey, Nicholas Siegel and Vince Barry. We hope that they add to their catalogues very soon.

Usual structure with our comments added. (Sorry to keep repeating that but I reckon there must be a new reader coming up from Brigadoon!)

On Monday, Marie gave us her tale of murder with ‘Crimson Memory‘.

‘I rather liked the nasty ending.’

‘Very well put together.’

‘I was happy to read this all the way through.’

It was Nicholas Siegel’s turn on Tuesday with a malevolent story about a mysterious man in ‘You’ll Let The Storm In

‘This is open to the readers interpretation without being too vague or clever.’

‘Well done and ended perfectly.’

‘Plenty of tension and mystery.’

No need for introduction on Wednesday. Adam Kluger gave us another colourful and entertaining story. We were happy to publish his short, the wonderfully titled ‘Lady Marmalade And The Rat Catcher.’

‘This left me smiling which is always good.’

‘The flow was spot on.’

‘His characters are so vivid and over the top they are a joy to read.’

Thursday came and we were delighted to publish an old friend. Piyali Murkarjee is criminally under-represented on site and we hope that she sends more in very soon. ‘They Who Were Wordless‘ is a very clever and enigmatic piece of writing.

‘There is so much that you can take from this.’

‘Amazing imagination.’

‘You could read this a dozen times and take out something new each time.’

And we had our last new person of the week with Vince Barry’s beautifully written, ‘Borrowed Fragments

‘Interesting, different and very well done.’

‘I was intrigued.’

‘Some of the thoughts were like the title and rather poetic.’

That’s all from me this week. So here’s to my new reader from Brigadoon. His brother will join us in another century.

And regarding my theme of memory, either be a tube and remember or stay drunk and repeat until your heart is content!!!


Banner Image: By Dr. Marcus Gossler (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “Week 79 – Memory, Repetition And Brigadoon.”

    1. Cheers Diane,
      It is fun to do. Although cutting back on the fruity language removes about 1000 words!!
      Oh and your choices of pictures always make me smile!!
      Thanks for everything.


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