Week 69 – Sharing


Even though nothing was said. Nothing was mentioned. I am still sure that my fellow editors were sniggering in the corner when I agreed to write this…Thanks guys!

I can be mature without a second thought! It’s not a problem! I can be serious and focused straight off the bat…So here is my 417th version of this posting.

Week 69…What comes to mind? For some reason and I don’t know why, I thought about sharing. I am quite sure that there has been a night when both you and your partner have decided to have a really good look at each others books. You get yourself comfortable, you read theirs and they read yours and you can only hope that you enjoy each others preference. You really do have a problem if one of you finishes before the other. One person is left satisfied but gets bored having to indulge and wait for their partner to get there. Cramp can be an issue if you are in one position too long but it would be rude just to get up and walk away, leaving them to finish on their own. So I think for this type of activity to be a special joint experience, you must be appreciative of different tastes and be of the same speed.

We have had a lot to look over this week and again we are very happy to see some new writers submitting to our site. We have all commented on some of the very courteous emails that we have received, these are much appreciated. It is refreshing when someone takes the time to do as is asked and they try to engage.

We also had a wee note from one of our most loyal supporters of the site and we hope that June has enjoyed her Vegas trip!

It is quite unusual for me to be proud of any Ayrshireman and this week is no exception. However I am sure that our very own Mr Adam West will be pleased to have seen a fellow Sheffield man do something that no Englishman has done for twenty years, Danny Willett’s Masters win was brilliant to watch!! (I recall that some of our American friends shouted ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ at Colin Montgomery years back. He is an Ayrshireman but I don’t know if that made me proud…It made me laugh though!) If only an Englishman within the next twenty years could change a Scotsman’s opinion on his neighbours, then we would have something really special. Oh, by the way I say ‘Englishman’ and ‘Scotsman’ not for any sexist reason but for the simple fact that, all our lovely ladies wouldn’t sully themselves with such stupidity. I will need to write a post on political correctness one day but the ‘Bleep’ counter may need a bloody good oil beforehand!

Okay folks, to our stories this week. As usual we had a mixture of topics. We have had everything from folk tales, depression, figments of imagination, pets, relationships, physics and a wee bit of horror. So surely there has been something there for all of you?

I am still sticking with some of our initial thoughts for your perusal!

As we told you in last weeks post, we published Fred’s revision to ‘Author Part 2’ on Monday. I checked back and am happy to say that the prolific Mr Foote has now submitted seventeen or sixteen stories depending on how you count the revision. He continues to excel.

‘This only enhanced Part 2. Enjoyable with a thought-provoking conclusion’

‘I think the central idea of confusion as to whether their lives are real or just words on a page is an excellent premise.’

On Tuesday we had a new person. A warm welcome to Hermine Robinson with the wonderfully titled, ‘Quantum Hamsters And Other Pet Anomalies’. Now to be perfectly honest, this type of story can be a bit hit or miss as you will read in the comments. But Hermine had nothing to fear.

‘Usually pet stories are dreadful! This story proves an exception to the rule – Brilliant!’

‘Very well written and so clever.’

We had the very welcome return of Patty Somlo with her third offering on site. On Wednesday we published her story, ‘The First To Disappear’.

‘This just swept me along. It’s lovely, just like a folk tale.’

‘I loved reading this. Really good writing – Good story.’

Thursday brought us another thrice published author. The dark pen of Ashlie Allen gave us ‘Bee Sting’.

‘I liked the tone. The thoughts though black were readable and believable.’

‘Interesting. Different. Edgy.’

And as always, the end of the week, well ended, on Friday with the interestingly titled, ‘Jellyfish Roadkill’ from another new writer, David Turko. Welcome to you too David and we hope to read more very soon.

‘Great piece of writing’

‘Simple story but really well told with a lot of depth.’

That is the round-up completed. I don’t want to think on how much I like or dislike this week. But self-control has played a huge part. Let’s just say it will be a damn site easier to write something for the upcoming Week 70!

So until next week…Here’s to sharing!!


4 thoughts on “Week 69 – Sharing

  1. To sharing, my friend! Note the very important “comma” there. Otherwise we’d be sharing my friend now. And since I’m cannibalistic in nature and you’re from Scotland (which means not even a sheep’s stomach is out of the dietary recommendations) we’d be feasting now.
    ATVB, my friend


    • Thanks Tobias, aye we Scottish people do eat a strange array of things. What we drink is a lot simpler…As long as there is alcohol in it! Water does have it’s place though, it keeps us clean!!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. I rarely comment Hugh as you know but always enjoy your take on life, stuff, whatever and as I am having a break from LS whilst my batteries try to spark themselves back to life I thought I would share my father-in-law’s insight into golf – he had £2 EW on Willett @ 66-1 and had a near miss with young Fitzpatrick at 250-1! I did tell him Sunday afternoon he should have bet win only but a tidy return all the same… all the best Adam


  3. Hi Adam, thanks for the kind comments. I have always been inspired by the previous Saturdays Post Master! Good on your father-in-law. Any removal of money from a bookie is a good thing!!
    Between the golf and now the snooker, there is a lot to be proud of Sheffield at the moment! (And Sean Bean hasn’t died in either events!!)
    Look after yourself!


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