Week 66 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps.


We live in a sick world. No amount of our writing imagination could come up with such a sickness. From all of us here at Literally Stories we would like to pass on our thoughts to everyone affected by the events of the last few days. Just one observation when looking for blame…Only blame the bastards with the bombs!

Now folks…Week 66! Is that two thirds of the evil number 666? Or would that be 444? Or 44? I’m not sure! I have never attended a Christening in my life but if I had, I would have loved to write 666 on the kiddy’s head before the Minister / Priest got a hold of them…I don’t think 444 would have had the same effect!

Today I was pondering Bucket Lists as well as felt tip pens, tattooing babies and freaking out Vicars.

My previous gaffer would say to me every now and again how she could scratch such and such off her Bucket List. I have never come up with one. I don’t see the point of writing anything down that is unachievable, for me that is. If you can follow your list and tick it off and that is what you want to do, then do so. But I wondered about what I wanted to achieve with my writing. I would love to have a complete novel published, that is a given. But the actual stories got me thinking. I would love to come up with a horror, a monster that no-one has thought of before. The type of story that would inspire others to write of the same beast with a different slant. Something scary. Something deformed. Something with no conscience. Unfortunately the last time this happened was when Bieber’s publicist released the wee mutant on the world.

I want to think on what hasn’t been thought of. It is a bit difficult. I’ve been considering this for years and all I can come up with is a slight tangent on what is already there. I remember reading a book about John Lennon and it stated that the one song that he was jealous of was actually written by George Harrison. ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ was Lennon’s wish. I wonder if it was the uniqueness of the song or he simply thought it was a cracking tune? I wish I had thought of Dracula, Frankenstein or even more up to date, the first Freddie Kruger story. There are stories on this site that I would have been proud to pen, but no offence folks, there are no romances in this list!

So what is the point of my ramblings. It is not so much about the jealousy of what is already out there but the legacy of an original story. We would love to read something that made us think back to everything that we had read before and for us to say in a loud and happy voice. ‘Well that’s a first!” It would be an honour for us to publish a totally new idea.

Okay folks, onto this weeks excellent offerings. It is fair to say that we have had a superb mix of ideas. The stories cover a multitude of topics. We have had everything from dead authors to sex aids. We have ghosts and death and fishing. All different but all wonderfully written!

Just for a change, I thought that I would give you an insight into our initial comments within our discussions of these stories. (No names though!!) I have picked out some quotes and these are our very first thoughts when we have read the submissions.

Monday, as always was the start of the week. Well unless your week starts on a Sunday, which a few do. Makes no difference if you are salaried!

We began our week with Tom Sheehan’s story ‘Michael And The Final Fix’. This was an emotional story that touched on a hidden topic.

‘Subtle and sensitive. This is a subject that needs understanding and acceptance’.

On Tuesday we had Domenic diCiacca’s tale ‘Chasing Josie’s Ghost’.

‘Beautiful lyrical writing.’

Mr Fred Foote gave us a follow up on Wednesday with ‘Author Part 2’.

‘It has a sense of style throughout.’

After Wednesday we follow with Thursday. This week was no exception. Kristi Davis’s very short story, ‘Visitor‘, had one of us saying:

‘All the words are carefully chosen. The social comments makes this so worthwhile.’

And then came Friday. Tom Sheehan had a second offering this week with ‘Decisions On The Ipswich River’.

‘Absolutely Captivating!’

If you need to catch up on any of them, please do so and give them a read and a comment!!

That’s us for another week. So come on folks, make me want to listen to ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ after reading a unique horror and being suitably jealous!!!


Banner Image: By Rob Mitchell (Bucket list) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

9 thoughts on “Week 66 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

  1. It doesn’t need saying but I will anyway. For all the suffering and spent tears of this week, I still can not find the words to either mend or comprehend the atrocities of terrorism, my soul bleeds pity for everyone touched by it, but alas it will never be enough.


  2. I liked your round up and I am pleased to have found you. I too see no point in a bucket list. Maybe we should just compile a done list, at least we would feel inspired by all we achieved. 1. Tied my laces 2. Finished school… How beautifully long it would be a never ending pat on the back without dissapointments. I believe you will get her done! The book and the mythical creature of horror. Happy Rabbit ears weekend.


  3. As usual, Hugh, you are an inspiration! Let’s hope there are some out there who take up the challenge – with a bit of guitar music in the background! Always, june


    • I’ll need to try living under my bed, I would probably find my monster there!!
      Thanks Irene for your comments and continual support of the site.


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