Literally Stories – Week 65 – Getting Nowhere


The grass needs cut and I’ve returned to work after a week off. I hate gardening and I especially hate working. So I apologise for the depression that is oozing from my pen. I have watched Bambi’s mother being shot fourteen times in a row to try to cheer me up. It just made me hungry. But that soon stopped when I remembered I was heading to work. It takes the notion of food away from me. It also takes away any thoughts on being sociable, helpful, understanding and committed. I don’t think I like working with the public.

Anyway, I thought about what to write. It came to a choice between this posting and a suicide note!

The getting nowhere tag is a reference to work and our own thoughts on ourselves. I have thought about how folks perceive their writing. I think that we should strive for the stars but accept the lights in the bathroom. Whatever is reachable is something to touch. If publication is what you are looking for, always be prepared for disappointment. It can be cruel. But if there is a site somewhere with your work being published, there is a good chance that someone will have seen or even printed it off. In doing that you are forever alive! So hopefully our little site will have helped you all become immortal. We are the vampires bite to your talented neck! (Told you I was in a dark place!)

I also wonder about what we tag ourself with. When someone asks what do we do, most of us answer by saying what we do for a job. You know the sort of thing; ‘I work helping clouds become more fluffy’, ‘I help puppies with sore paws’, that sort of thing. I suppose if you are proud of how you make a crust, then by all means say it loud and in a happy voice. Now if you are a banker, politician, priest or estate agent, then just shut your face!! You will be judged and it won’t be in a good way!! And then we have, for those folks, like myself who would rather rip their eyelids off than be subjected to another inane shift of meaningless boredom, they should never say what they do as a job. Say what defines you, what makes you happy. Strange thing is though, how many of us say that we are writers? It can be like a dirty secret. We feel as if we are being judged on success. We are split into two categories, we are writers and some of us are authors. Who is who you ask? That is for you to determine yourself. I know of writers who would never refer to themselves as authors and I know of writers who will always refer to themselves as authors. Authors on the other-hand, well they are authors…and fair play to them!!

Does our job define us? Do our pastimes define us? Do our dreams define us? Maybe a bit of them all. Be defined by definition and make sure that definition is of your own choosing. Leaving it to others, well, that may not work out for you!!

So what I would say is jack the job in as soon as you can. Unless you are one of those annoying enthusiastic people who lives for a Monday morning. You may want to curb the enthusiasm. There are a lot of us out there who will eventually hurt you! Don’t listen to the financial advisor who states that you need to put X amount away to live your life. All you need is running costs, money for some tatties for the table and some printer ink to make you the author or writer that you strive to be. Getting nowhere is simply doing something that you don’t enjoy, no matter what the benefits. If you have already accepted where you are, any additional journeys are a bonus!

On to our stories this week!

Monday we had a very active writer, Tom Sheehan. You will all understand why we are happy to continue to post his work with his realistic telling of the Letters To The Lost. Only a man with this experience could write such a heart-wrenching tale.

We had J. Edward Kruft on Tuesday with another story which oozed an understanding. His story Inauguration Day was a wonderful example of observations of the times from a President past mingled with the thoughts and actions of a typical teenager.

Killing Frost was on Wednesday with something that not many writers have the guts to do. Sharon Frame Gay told us from the very beginning what her character had done. She went with this and sculptured a very interesting story regarding a ninety two year old killer.

On Thursday we had Michael Marrotti’s Living On The Other Side. This was a dark tale of someone who was not only rattling but was trying to function. This claustrophobic story had us all realising that his MC was in for a rough ride.

Mr Lou Gaglia was last this week with Friday’s posting of Rescue. This was a deep piece of writing that reminded us of being kids and our games being the thoughts on resolution to real events.

So guys and guyessess, that is us for another week. So retire if you can. If you can’t, punch a few enthusiastic work colleagues. Write what makes you happy and put off cutting the grass for another few days!




Header photograph: By Halley from Boston (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Week 65 – Getting Nowhere

    • Cheers June!!
      It’s nice to see that you read on a Saturday as well as your continual support for the weekday stories and authors!!
      Thanks a million!!


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