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All About the Truth by Hugh Cron – Adult Content


“Please! Please!!”

“I’ll get the pliers.”

“You really are the type of individual who goes home of a night and masturbates over the bodies in your basement, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

“… Please, don’t hurt me!”

“Shut your hole!!”

“I apologise. What my friend is saying is ‘Please be quiet.’ Now he is wanting to torture you and if you continue to blubber and beg, then I’ll not stand in his way. If you are quiet on the other-hand, then I can guarantee he will do what I ask.”

“Please… No… Please… Why?”

“That is blubbing and close to begging. I strongly advise you to stop!”

“I’m still getting the fucking pliers… Where do you keep them?”

“Now, that is a stupid question. Why should she tell you that if you are going to dig into one of her ribs and snap a bit off with the said pliers? If she had any sense, she would say that she doesn’t have any… My dear?”

“Please… ”

“I am losing patience with you. Don’t make me tell you again… What are you doing with that envelope?”

“I want to paper-cut her nipple.”

“I really do worry about you. Put it down. Where were we, ah yes, the pliers. I would advise you to answer. And remember what I said.”

“I… I don’t have any in the house.”

“Oh my dear, I wouldn’t have said that. Look at him now, he is looking around your living room to see what else he can find. Look at him, he looks like a squirrels tail. Oh dear, he is pausing. I think he is thinking about the shape of the big piece of glass that was smashed when we came in. That’s it, isn’t it? You are thinking about the glass.”

“I like glass.”

“I know you do. I remember.”

“Now my dear, I have a few questions and I trust that you will answer…Oops, you seem to have, well, we won’t talk about that. It happens to most folks when they are scared. Unfortunately, we can’t open up a window as we don’t want to be disturbed.”

“That is stinking! Dirty bitch!!”

“Well my dear, there is an up-side to your small bowel faux pas, I don’t think my friend here fancies you anymore. You might only have torture and death to worry about!… Now, now, shrieking won’t help. Look at me! LOOK AT ME! Good… Now breathe in… And out… In… And out… That is a bit better.”


“I wondered when he would spot those.”

“And glass.”

“Candles and glass, he is multi-tasking!”

“And paper!!”

“There he goes, looking for the glass! We will have a moment alone. You have turned a little white my dear. No matter, we will get on with the questions. I will ask and then you will answer, please nod if you understand… Good. Question one. Is anyone due back. And before you answer, consider what we will do. If you say yes and you are lying and we assume that you are telling the truth then my friend will probably use the glass and cut your throat. On the other hand, if you say no and we hear someone at the door, then again, my friend will cut your throat. And added to that we may hide behind the door and kill whoever comes in. Oh and I do mean whoever. I’ll give you a second to think on that… I wish I could advise you. But lives are oh so different. We have found that doing this at around two thirty in the afternoon is playing the percentages. Kids, nine to five spouses, that sort of thing. But we have got it wrong before. All I would say is tell us the truth.”

“When do I cut her?”

“When… Don’t you mean ‘Will you cut her’?”


“You may be a bit unnerved by that, I hope not and you look on the positives. He said cut. Not kill. Well at the moment. OK you have had long enough. Please answer my question.”

“… No… No-one is due. My father normally drops in after his work.”

“Uh-huh. And when is that?”

“… Around three thirty.”

“That is very clever young lady.”

“Just a small slice. Just to fucking show her.”

“Will you please control yourself. As I was saying, that is a clever thing to say. You have given us enough time to get out. I will think on whether or not I believe you. Second question. Money and valuables? We pick our areas so please don’t say that you have nothing. Do I need to give you the truth lie scenario again. If you lie to us and we find anything, I may let my friend take you for a shower. He would clean all that passion killing nastiness off of you and I am quite sure that he would find you attractive again. Please think and be accurate.”

“Give me your lighter.”

“Only if it is for the candles?”

“… Fuck! Fair enough… Only for the candles!”

“My dear, what goodies do you want to declare.”

“… Money.”

“Please be specific, according to you, we are in a bit of a hurry, what with daddy visiting and all.”

“My purse is in my bag behind the couch. It has two hundred in it. My, my, cards are there.”

“Forgive us if we decline the cards. Now two hundred isn’t much of an incentive.”

“… I have my mothers rings and jewellery.”

“Worth anything?”

“… Yes.”

“How fucking much?”

“I ask the questions! And put that candle down… Sorry for his interruption. How much?”

“… The last valuation was at fifteen thousand.”


“My friend does have a way with words. OK where are they? I do hope they aren’t in a safe.”

“No, There is a large bottle of moisturiser sitting on my bedside cabinet. They are in there.”

“That’s quite clever as a hiding place, we’ll need to remember that! Well, go and see. And leave her undergarments and bed alone. We don’t want your DNA spread all over the place.”

“… Not long now. He won’t be a minute. Would you like to chat? Thought not. It is better that way. Especially when he is in the room, God knows what sets him off. I really do worry about him but what can you do? Oh that sounds promising. He is positively running down the stairs.”

“Bingo! They look the fucking business.”

“Yes they do have a quality look about them. Thank you my dear. You have done very well… Now what to do with you?”

“I could take her home and put her in my basement.”

“… Please I did what you asked.”

“You are begging. I told you not to beg.”

“Sorry! I’m sorry!”

“I think we could stay a little longer. Unless that is, you have anything else to pay us with?”

“No. I’m sorry. The jewellery and the money is all that I have.”

“I am very relieved you said that. Very relieved in deed.”

“I’m not!”

“Put the glass down!”

“… My bank… I have around three grand. If… ”

“No my dear I am not interested. You were truthful to us so we will leave you in peace.”

“… Thank you… Thank God!!”

“Fucking no fun!!”

“We wont be able to untie you, your dad can do that. Oh and just a heads up, we will be watching and if your father isn’t here by four pm, I will send my friend back in.”


Hugh Cron

17 thoughts on “All About the Truth by Hugh Cron – Adult Content”

    1. Thanks Shane!
      It was fun to try and do something with just dialogue. Thanks so much for your kind comments, much appreciated!
      All the very best my friend.


    1. That is very kind Ellen. It was a challenge to only use dialogue and have three people talking. I am very glad that that came across for you.
      Your comments and interest are much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Well Hugh what can I say? Another piece of black comedy that reminded me of Rick and Vyvyan Basterd in the ‘Young Ones’. I liked the play on the good guy versus bad guy threatening torture routine, so comical and dead pan with its friendly approach and yet still a serious vindication of professional criminal intent. Having a psychopathic wing man does add an unpredictable sense of menace, but there is that bungling incompetence as he doesn’t seem to have brought his own instruments of torture with him – clearly part of the ruse to inflame the imagination and increase fear in the victim.
    Using only dialogue in my opinion keeps the tension tight and this was quite clever.



    1. Thanks James for all your comments!
      This was fun to write and the characters evolved from each line.
      ‘The Young Ones’ takes me back to seeing something that was unique at the time and of course the late great Rik Mayall was a genius!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. I recently watched the 2016 horror movie ‘Intruders,’ and where the director faltered, the author of this piece accomplished the dialogue among captors and captive that Adam Schindler was undoubtedly going for: suspenseful, authentic, and eliciting a dash of that cognitive dissonance that makes you wonder if you really want the vulnerable heroine to escape, or if you’re willing to sit captive yourself to witness just a little more of her assailants’ humorous exchange.


    1. Thanks Christa for your kind comments.
      With dialogue, I only hope that I don’t need to think too much. I find that sometimes the characters talk to me and it is a lot easier to write!!
      I am always happy to read any comments and I thank you for the interest that you have shown in my story.


    1. I am privileged to have you read my stories June. You take out of them what you will with no malice and a very open mind!! I can’t ask for anymore than that.
      I hope everything is well with you and yours.


  3. This dialogue reads swiftly and smoothly and gives us all the information we need. It certainly leaves me in the ambiguous position of wondering whether I’ve ‘enjoyed’ the story or not! Well done.


    1. Thanks Richard. And I think you are right, I am not sure if I do ‘enjoyable’ But as long as I get some thoughts into the story from the reader, that is what I continually strive for.
      Your comments are always more than welcome.
      All the very best my fiend.


  4. Hugh,
    I’m glad you appreciate the comments, and I agree…the best dialogue happens when you just let it flow!


  5. Hi Hugh,
    This is an accomplished piece. The three characters have distinct, compelling voices and that is technically challenging to achieve. You have also given us hints about the relationships among the present and absent characters in this story. (As an aside, I enjoy absent characters)
    Time and place are easily inferred from this conversation, as is the tense atmosphere. I also appreciated the well placed commas throughout the piece.
    I think Bartleby Snopes had a “Dialogue Only Contest”. There may be others as well. (It’s worth considering.)



  6. Hi Elena, thanks so much for your comments. I was very glad to read on how many levels you recognised within the story. I have never went in for a writing competition before as I haven’t got the ability to be prompted specifically. Most of my ideas all start from one lines or phrases that I have either heard or are for some reason floating about my head. I always thought that it would need to be very coincidental for me having an idea and it being a topic. I think that is a long way of saying I don’t think too much! However I may have a look as the dialogue only does interest me and again that is due to a negative, I am inept at description and most stage business!!
    Thank you again for your kind comments, they were a pleasure to read.


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