Literally Stories – Week 54


Tomorrow we end our year at Literally Stories with reflections: an address from each of the LS Editors in a fashion far removed from anything Papal or Monarchical.

Today we take our usual look back on the week’s stories.

Yet again Monday made pole position in the race to begin the week, when Logan Fuller became the latest addition to the Literally Stories author ranks.

Welcome Logan.

Secret liaisons by their very nature are laced with an added frisson of excitement and Kyle and David proved no exception to the rule.

‘The world around us is eating at the bubble of our warmth.’


It won’t last.

A subtle composition with so much left unsaid and a bunch of questions unanswered, chief amongst them of course; exactly how long will Kyle and David be able to keep their ‘double-lives’ secret?

Tuesday we travelled an alternate route going underground on the New York subway. Renowned for many things including — in Adam Kluger’s world — a comedic alter-ego for his MC David Burstein, Johnny Thunders, who sounds like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins whilst performing his ‘gig’ riding the subway trains.

The whole scene was quite awful and as David quickly ushered the publicists off the subway, thankful to have reached their destination, he joked, “that’s New York City for you” and “I guess someone switched Sally’s Folger’s crystals with PCP.”

The Rise and Fall of Johnny Thunders: as uneventful and unoriginal a story as you can imagine.


Welcome back Mr. Kluger. If you haven’t seen it yet check out his artist page.

LS Editor Diane Dickson confirmed Wednesday’s midweek status with Overpowered.

Formula 1 cars require careful expert handling by a team of professionals not a bunch of clueless amateurs, however, if it’s laughs you’re after not speed, look no further than Diane’s crew.

‘I think it were Silverstone that gave him the idea in the first place. If it’d been Brands Hatch or even Oulton Park it never would have crossed his mind to put a formula one engine in a go cart. I mean it just wouldn’t.’


Thursday underwent it’s usual identity crisis on the cusp of Friday’s would-be weekend aspirations but nevertheless immediately drew gasps from the crowd when LS débutante, James Smith wrote:

‘My father once told me that to be a man you must protect your family. The Reverend told me that you can only be called a man once you have taken another man’s life. They are both wrong.’

Opening paragraphs don’t come much better.

Welcome James.

A Boy Called If, a story that stays with you long after you have finished reading.

Friday strutted its customary swagger with the end of the week race run.

First across the line Literally Stories stalwart Frederick K. Foote, who, seemingly has more strings to his bow than Stradivarius thought conventional.

Friday he delivered us Epistemology. The theory of knowledge at first glance feels rather dry a subject for short story writing. Not a bit of it folks.

‘High school was a problem my sister avoided. At age fourteen she decided she wanted to enroll in UC Berkeley all the way across the country.’

No need for me to whisper the girl’s a genius.

And there you have it. Week 54 is a rap or a wrap?

Week 55 begins 4 January 2016. Hopefully we will soon be reacquainted with you, the readers from 114 countries who visited the site in 2015.

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