Literally Stories – Week 53 – ‘The Penultimate Week’


The Penultimate Truth is a novel by one of my favourite authors, Philip Kindred Dick (b. 1928 — d.1982).

Pee-Kay-Dee — as fellow D***heads call him — story, is set in a Post WW111 earth ravaged by nuclear weapons and based upon one of his countless short stories, namely, The Defenders (1953).

The novel was published in 1964 in what many regard as Dick’s Golden Era, which included The Man in the High Castle (1962) that won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1963.

Whilst The Penultimate Truth won’t feature too highly in devotees top ten lists, as it lacks the many-layered aspects of his best work, it is still a good book.

The World Jones Made (1956), Time Out of Joint (1959), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ubik (both 1969), Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (1974) and A Scanner Darkly (1977) illustrate that throughout his life PKD continued to grow as a writer of original, philosophical fiction, albeit his latter years being increasingly devoted to an exploration of theological matters — most famously with Valis (1981).

Week 54 will herald the last round-up of stories published on LS in 2015.

We return 4 January 2016.

In honour of Phil I have dubbed Week 53 ‘The Penultimate Week.’

Tom Sheehan tossed rose petals in the face of Romance naysayers everywhere — no, you may not leave the naughty step Mr. Cron for bad-mouthing Mills and Boon — when Notes Pinned on a Returnable Container became his tenth short story published on the site.

‘The whole area feels like a piece of history coming to a slow crawl, or a halt. History downhill, if you’ll have it.’

Of course, we said ‘Yes, we would have it!’

Good writers excel no matter what the genre, which reminds me it’s about time I sent off the final draft of my niche novella, an erotic cyber/steampunk tale with the unoriginal title The Sordid Sex Life of Seventy-Six Simulacrum.

Monday waved Tuesday on ahead as Martyn Clayton loomed into view, changing gear successfully for the second time on LS.

His Bibliophilia was all about books, writing, letters, a legacy to a favourite Granddaughter, Lottie.

‘It had only recently struck Lottie that her granddad was a male muse attracted to would-be brilliant women whose talent he wished to sponsor.’


Wednesday overtook Tuesday midweek and witnessed the first of three Literally Stories débuts.

Sam Baldassari’s would-be Bonnie and Clyde pairing were short on numbers when their game of Hate Circle went from Badlands to worse. Enough of nods to the the big screen this small page take on the manipulative nature of the charismatic proved a very popular story with LS Editors and punters alike.

“I hate Dr. Pepper. Because like you look at it and you think it’s coke but then it’s just this gross medicine-y shit.”

Welcome Sam.

Thursday Emily Tiedtke found top gear when her Category 5 broke all LS reading records.

Congratulations and welcome Emily.

They say it’s an ill wind that blows no good but try telling that to Emily’s protagonists, Jason and Lia.

‘Lia and Jason didn’t fight much. Didn’t have many troubles, many sorrows, until one day Lia was pregnant, and then one day, she was not.’

Category 5 drama indeed.

Tailgating Thursday is Friday’s modus operandi for always making the end of the week its own.

Third and final LS newcomer, Erica Verillo got us there with The Man Who Lost Everything. Coincidentally the second Grandfather – Granddaughter tale this week.

“Pass the bread,” said my father. He did not participate in philosophical discussions.

I don’t advocate plagiarism but it will be hard to resist sneaking  that somewhere into my writing!

Erica’s piece is beautifully written.

A fine LS début. Welcome Erica.

Right — time to finish that blessed final draft.

“Pass the bread,” Adam said. He did not participate in philosophical discussions with people, only simulacrum.


The ‘Penultimate Week’ has begun which means festivities will soon be upon us and so to avoid that last minute dash to the shops because Great Aunt Mabel’s WWE DVD box set hasn’t arrived in time, buy her one of these instead  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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