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Literally Stories – Week 49


This spot is usually done very professionally. There have been clever references, puns and a wonderful summary of the week’s stories. That won’t happen here. Not because the stories aren’t wonderful, of course they are…Well Thursday’s was a bit dodgy but there you go. It is just that Mr Saturday has taken some time off. After he reads this, it might only be for a week!!

Diane Dickson has spoiled us with two stories. She shows her versatility with a spooky offering (You’ve Got Mail) which should worry any techno junkies who can’t let go…For the love of god let go! It may save your life!!! She has also touched on a familiar theme of reasons and understanding, that, well, to be truthful, we all want to reason and understand (If Only).

Fred Foote has asked a few questions on consent and acceptability which even though unsettling are fascinating and voyeuristic. Should we be shocked or titillated by True Love At Last? Depends on who or what you are and that is not for me to comment on. (eBay does cracking lines on both ladders and binoculars if anyone is interested.)

We also had Joseph Novak who has played around with the structure to his story in Dead Air. Notes from the psychiatrist’s pen add so much depth to this perceptive look into guilt.

Thursday’s story (The Second Coming) was written by me and help is on the way. If it is the ‘Bad fire’ due to my efforts then at least I will appreciate those days when my heating broke down.

Now I know that I should mention the stories by name but if I do that I need to put links in and to be honest, the system hates me. That is techno speak for I am crap at it. But that has brought me to my next point. PLEASE RE-READ and LOOK BACK! We have a wonderful readership and the numbers flow forward but I wish that anyone who finds the site also has a look back at what our authors have achieved. All our writers would appreciate the odd comment on their older work. If you are a reader, please leave a comment, don’t be shy! If you find a story that you like have a look at their author’s page to see what else they have published.

I would also ask that anyone who has an interest in submitting does so. Please don’t be worried. Grow a thick skin and go for it. (I censored myself there!) I will warn you, it does become quite addictive. So what if it is a NO? Submitting makes you feel alive. It challenges you and when you write something that is accepted, there is no better feeling…Well not without buying those ladders and binoculars from eBay!!

Lastly just a reminder regarding the anthology. It is for an excellent cause and we all hope that it is a success, please help with a purchase if you can.

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