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Literally Stories – Week 46


In a wee corner of the multiverse known only to the high command of the Illuminati and former cast members of ‘Allo ‘Allo, an errant ‘server’ has been playing havoc with the day-to-day behind-the-scenes running of Literally Stories.

Nothing to do with WordPress, we should add, which runs as smooth as a very smooth thing (apart from a faulty Facebook widget that needs the kiss of life.)

I digress.

Such old-fashioned methods of communication as carrier pigeon, cup and string and even email have been brought back into service. Nevertheless, the bandwagon rolls on and Week 45 is but a beautiful faded memory as Week 46 wins fresh admirers and so on and so forth…bringing us to Monday.

When we returned to Massachusetts, USA.

To LS fixture, Tom Sheehan’s literary stomping ground, Saugus to be precise, and two old soldiers…

‘“You in the service, Chug?” Even as he asked the question, Monty knew the answer. The signs were there. Besides the bracelet Chug wore, it was written on the man. His clothes might have been second-line, but he was shaved that very day, and his hairline cut half moons high over the ears.’

Last Call For a Loner but not the last time we hope to read Mr. Sheehan on Literally Stories.

Precocious child TV stars have a somewhat chequered history and The Other Sister is hardly an exception to the rule.

Christopher Dehon tells an unsettling story of an unhealthy obsession with celebrity.

Welcome Christopher. An extremely popular story with the punters if not the A-listers!

‘She walks him like a dog, rides him like a horse, has made earrings of his manhood, shaved him bald, wears his suit, and melted his rings for her teeth.’

So says Frederick K. Foote in his richly observed Revelations. It’s not the sort of material likely to make it into the next edition of People’s Friend, granted, but LS regular Fred is a good pal of ours.

Daniel Finkel might be the second new kid on the block this week at Literally Stories but he’s more than welcome to join the gang.

Welcome Daniel.

Commerce and You: A Petrichor Instructional Film wins the ‘double-take on a story title’ award this week and the plaudits of the LS Editors, too. It’s certainly a fresh take on that popular story about is there — no spoilers. Just read it.

Fellow citizen of Yorkshire, Diane “Ay-up luv” Dickson returns to her roots, dons flat cap and braces to take her whippet for a turn past pit and up onto moors in this hilarious poke at daft Yorkshire folk, or ‘appen it’s them t’other side o’ Pennines in Lancashire she’s having fun with?

Sky Clad: a tale of simple Northern folk that has nowt to do with satellite dishes.

Or Whippets.

The dog days of summer are now but a beautiful faded memory heady moment swept aside by the chill misty morns of autumn — having made a total dog’s dinner of that sentence I will move swiftly on to a resplendent drum roll and cymbal clash heralding the big story of the week, namely Story of the Week.

And the winner is… Louis Hunter for The Storyteller

story of the week banner

Nice one Louis!

Five contenders but only one winner (unless it’s a dead-heat) >>>>>>>>


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