Literally Stories – Week 41


For someone who does not know a DSL from a WLAN Week 41 ended somewhat chaotically. I am talking routers of course and some would say what’s new?

Solutions to a faulty on/off button came both high and low-tech.

Cape Town (Nik) provided the know-how. The high-end geek-speak.

Sheffield (me) the low-brow pass me a roll of gaffer tape and I’ll fix mentality.

It really is amazing what you can keep running with an ounce of ingenuity and a paper-clip.

A sincere and heartfelt apology —  — it is with deepest regret that we inform you that when we published Monday’s story we here at Literally Stories failed to point out that we  have absolutely nothing against the name Henrietta.

It’s a lovely name. So is Isolde.

Exchanges of sharply observed dialogue involving characters such as people called Henrietta who wish they were called Isolde are a mainstay of Frederick K. Foote’s growing LS oeuvre.

Fred’s take on Motherhood, a story of chalk and cheese sisters certainly delivered, ahem, on that score.

More sibling rivalry on Tuesday from LS newcomer Allen Kopp.

No one knew there was an elephant in the room until the closing credits but the appearance of handsome ex-Marine turned painter & decorator could not be ignored in this sparky little affair simply entitled Elephant.

Welcome to Literally Stories, Allen.

Slow dancing. Sex. Trysts and love triangles. More sex. Lovers agonising over an uncertain future that may or may not be at a turning point. Sound anything like the tangled webs Tobias Haglund is celebrated for weaving?

Dancing in Amsterdam is very tangly, very weavy, too.

Vintage Haglund when his Dutch narrator, Liese reflects: ‘I don’t want to be a shadow of a person.’


Coming to America is the byline for many a fine tale and Patty Somlo does it justice when a man from Africa gets First In Line. A French accent, natty dress sense and a way with the ladies guarantees her MC his share of fun but how long will he have to wait for that all-important Green Card?

An immigrants tale as fresh today as it was back in Ellis Island’s heyday.

It’s coming to something isn’t it, when machines are worth more than human life?

Science fiction is the genre by which many a writer has satirised the present day and George Allen Miller’s Literally Stories début maintains the tradition in this dark, off-world story of bad cuisine that cannot be cured by Henderson’s Relish alone and Corporate Property best not tampered with.

Welcome to Literally Stories, George. Another cracking story this week from a LS débutante.


If IKEA made trophy cabinets they would need to make them pretty roomy if they were to persuade a certain LS Editor to part with his hard-earned Krona.

Tobias Haglund ransacked Story of the Week once more and carried off the spoils like the voracious Viking he is.

Nice one Tobbe.

story of the week banner

To wreck IKEA’s plans for trophy cabinet world domination vote for anybody whose name does not end in Haglund>>>>>

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