Literally Stories – Week 35


A week that began with a flight of fancy, or fantasy flight, depending on how you read it, ended in not dissimilar fashion.

Whilst LS newcomer Lawrence Buentello kept his MC’s feet on the ground he could not prevent her schoolgirl head being up in the clouds, in Wings.

James McEwan said of Friday’s story: “A subtle story, which leaves a quiet resonance in my mind, contemplating, yes, quietly contemplating.”

Literally Stories Editor Adam West kicked things off in Week 35 with Mr. Zimmerman Flies to Buenos Aires (Economy Class). A misplaced airline boarding ticket. Passengers both famous and infamous.

June Griffin said: “You’ll never have writer’s block if you can make an awesome story out of finding a boarding pass in a book!”

Hugh Cron is best known for ‘dirty realism’ so you might be forgiven for wondering at his story titled Pure Romance. Fear not the Scotsman has not forsaken his dark side.

Tobias Haglund said: “A very tough subject to tackle. The MC in your story, Frederick, seeing himself as “pure romantic” is a very frightening thought. Madness in fact.”

Wednesday witnessed a change in direction as our second newcomer this week, Adam Fox, really got things into gear with a hilarious spoof. A film critic style review of that err… well-known film, Dirt Bike Armada (1988).

Vic Smith summed it up perfectly when he commented: “Very witty. Very enjoyable.”

Welcome Adam and Lawrence.

Tobias Haglund had us all checking out a website almost as famous as Literally Stories! In search of Robert Broberg’s ‘The Boat Song’.

If the song is half as good as the story of the same title then it’s a cert I’ll add to my play-list.

Diane Dickson said: “A sensitive and moving piece enriched by the thought that it sprang from a real life event. I enjoyed this very much.”

The last time Story of the Week saw a runaway winner Carl Lewis was still learning how to lace up his trainers. This week yet another three-legged race ended up in chaotic scenes as Hugh Cron managed to jettison Diane Dickson and Tobias Haglund yards before he crashed over the line all on his own.

Hurrah for Hugh!

Permission to cheer loudly in favour of one the following literary gems in next week’s race to secure first place in Story of the Week?

Permission GRANTED >>>

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