Literally Stories Week 25



No shortage of venues for Literally Stories authors this week as the narrative landed readers on two beaches, Hawaii and the south coast of England (probably), the streets of Vienna, a hellish dystopia on the cusp of apocalypse, and Kipling’s Rottingdean study via Afghanistan.

The first of three new authors to Literally Stories, Marie Peach-Geraghty, related strange goings-on at sea and ashore. Never mind this is Hawaii, In or out of the water you will no doubt catch a chill.

Before Marie had us jumping overboard on Tuesday, Des Kelly’s MC was Sleeping on the Beach with a rag-bag crew of drifters. Monday’s heady mix of hippy ideals, drugs and casual sex led to …I’ll let you find out what if you haven’t already taken a trip with Mr. Kelly.

Wednesday’s story meant a lot to me. Perfect notes in a not-to-be-rivalled-voice I suggest, but does Tobias Haglund, I wonder, dig Ultravox? I’ll say ‘Oh Vienna’, this mesmerising tale had us all spellbound. The ‘music was weaving.’ There were ‘haunting notes with pizzicato strings.’ Okay okay, you get the picture – now go get the the story – A Night in Vienna.

Rudyard Kipling. A mystery caller. A tragic tale. A widowed doctor haunted by…well it’s best not to say any more and allow Robert V. Stapleton’s MC Jabez Carter explain what happened in The Visitor’s Tale (a ghost story, after Rudyard Kipling) but only if you have the lights turned down low.

I don’t know much about the weather in South America or the price of corn, practically nothing about algorithms, however, I do know a wee bit about great story-telling when I see it. Here, it comes in the guise of Scott David’s vision of a near-future, where market forces still hold sway amid governments falling, civil disorder and a mounting chaos leading to who knows what?

Data knows what.

Read it and and when your done with this week’s line-up cast your vote in the narrative that started life as a sentence that morphed into a chapter that became a story that evolved into a tale that is now a saga known as Story of the Week.

If you did the democratic thing last week and were fastidious in your civic duties to the point of being compulsive about having your say, you’ll no doubt be chuffed to discover Paul Griley is the latest author to write their name in the LS hall of fame, with his very witty offering, Obsession.

Congratulations Paul.


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