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Literally Stories Week 24


Once again Literally Stories was delighted to welcome three newcomers to the site this week.

Charles W. Bigelow, Frederick K Foote and Paul Griley.

Before I get to this week’s clutch of writers a small mention for tomorrow’s ‘In conversation with…’ slot, the second of which is entitled Tobias Haglund in conversation with Nik Eveleigh. A certain Mr. S. Crow puts in a guest appearance, too. Storming!

Show-biz folk maintain The Show must go on. Not a sentiment shared on Monday by Charles Bigelow’s protagonist in his grimly disturbing dystopian tale of humans subjugated by an alien race.

Tuesday, Diane Dickson also described human suffering. This time, in war-torn countries. In Shattered Lives, however, it was civilians, not combatants who were the victims. Diane’s minimalist approach to the subject of horrific abuses in civil war, delivered the maximum effect.

The title Home implies a homely story. Benign. Vanilla some would have it, bland others might prefer? Frederick Foote’s rich literary style, which beautifully describes desire, belonging and fear, is I promise, anything but bland.

There might not be any felines in Hugh Cron’s Schrodinger’s Choice, but someone with an entrepreneurial bent might be purring if they choose greed above humanity. I sincerely hope that Champagne remains intact Hugh?

Excuse me a moment, I spotted an errant sweet wrapper next to the bin. There we are. All sorted. Wrapper disposed of…no, there’s a crumb on the desk and a spent staple, I’ll just clear those away…where was I? Oh yes, Paul Griley saw a funny side to Obsession in his wittily observed, tongue-in-cheek portrayal of all-things nit picking.

How do I know there were no nits in Alex Rezdan’s A New Perspective or That Time I Was Allergic To Wussing Out?

Simples. Alex story triumphed in last week’s chapter of the story that is fast becoming a saga, known far and wide as Story of the Week.

It easy to decide who will join him in that hallowed tome next week, all  you have to do is vote.



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