Literally Stories Week 23



Three new authors graced Literally Stories with their literary talent this week: Patty Somlo, dm gillis and Alex Rezdan.

Patty kicked things off on Monday with Dead, a wryly observed tale from beyond the grave. Richard Ardus commented: I enjoyed reading this thought provoking piece. The Magic Realism twist makes it one to remember.”

On Tuesday Tobias Haglund’s tragic love story Before Hitting the Ground had June Griffin remarking: “It may be a sad story, Tobias, but it’s also beautiful, moving and memorable.”

Off the wall – anarchic – satirical or just plain funny – take your pick from any of those or read what Vic Smith had to say about Wireless  by another LS newcomer, dm gillis: “Funny, witty, disturbing; this is great stuff. I love it.”

What I am about to tell you should come as no surprise; yet again Hugh Cron is worthy of his ‘dirty realism’ tag with this story of an apparently reformed alcoholic, in Revelation. Vic Smith agrees no doubt when he says: “Quality, not quantity. Not a bad idea. Who wants to live forever?”

Friday saw the third and final newcomer of the week to Literally Stories, Alex Rezdan. Alex might have won the prize for longest story title of the week with A New Perspective or That Time I was Allergic to Wussing Out but he will have to wait to this time next week to see if he has won the much-coveted accolade of Story of the Week. Diane Dickson seems keen on Alex chances as she says: “Very nicely constructed. An entertaining story with a perfect mix of humour and horror.”

A Dave who did poll well this week is Dave Louden. Not a soap box in sight in this week’s Story of the Week, Ultra-Belfast.


If you missed that contest never fear here’s another one.

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