Literally Stories Week 22


Literally Stories welcomed a new author – Ashlie Allen – onto the site in week 22. We also saw the return of an ‘old boy’ in Dave Louden.

Newcomer Ashlie gave Wednesday a real chill with The Violin He Played Downstairs – keep an eye out for that kid Abramo folks, he’s a bit special.

In an alternative Ulster known as Ultra-Belfast Dave Louden’s protagonist was seated at a card table with a rather unsavoury bunch. Texas Hold’Em was their game. You got to hand it to Dave, it was a fine story.

Sandwiched between these diverse horrors we found Hugh Cron, who dealt readers another unsettling hand when he gave us The Choice. Hobson only knows what to make of that one?

Sweden is a wonderful country full of peace loving, pine furniture admiring Nordics. Erm – not according to Tobias Haglund it isn’t. Well, wasn’t, back in the day when Sadistic Justice got metered out here, there and ‘bloody’ everywhere, in his gory tale of valour and revenge and how not to form a queue at IKEA.

If your appetite wasn’t fully satisfied by Tobias’ smorgasbord of Scandinavian mayhem then no doubt you easily digested the Bread and Chicken Diane Dickson served up on Friday. Not a culinary delight but a literary one nonetheless.

Literally Stories witnessed another runaway winner in the latest poll that is the ongoing saga that is known as Story of the Week.

What’s it all about, you ask?

Alfie, I tell you, by Hugh Cron.

story of the week banner

Tomorrow is Sunday. The day LS editors take the dog for a walk, mow the lawn and redecorate the spare room.

Not any longer it isn’t.

This Sunday sees a new feature on LS.

We think we’re pretty adept at naming things and ‘In conversation with…’ is believe it or not, a conversation.

Tobias Haglund kicks it off by talking with me. Adam West. Or an imaginary me if you like, he made up. You’ll see how it works. Needless to say we hope to feature more conversations on a Sunday and we are asking our LS authors, friends, family, workmates, maids, under-butlers, whoever wants a crack at it to ‘talk’ to for instance, their favourite author, or a famous person living or not living, about writing, language, anything that will entertain, enthral or inform.

Details and a submission guide can be found on the Home Page under In conversation with…

And don’t forget to vote this coming week – No, No, not that vote – this vote:

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