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Literally Stories Week 17


Welcome to two new authors this week, Lee and Ceinwen.

Thank you as always to our readers. We trust you enjoyed the stories. For those taking time to comment — much appreciated. Speaking of which, here are a selection of this week’s comments.

June Griffin said about The Valley of the Shadow of Death by Tobias Haglund. I am fascinated by and have read many books on killer mountain expeditions. Your gripping story of why one climber fights the mountain does not read like fiction but has the aura of truth with every step. Congratulations on this fine achievement!

Vic Smith said about Evolution by Ceinwen Cariad Haydon. There’s a lot to this story, Ceinwen. Are we as advanced as we think we are, or are we condemned to repeat endlessly the mistakes of our ancestors? Interesting ideas here.

Ceinwen Cariad Haydon said about The Old Man in the Park by Nik Eveleigh. A deft tale, beautifully told, with no excess. Good observations of children, and of parental anxiety,

Rick said about And The Rocks Came by Lee Conrad. This story is easily engaging. It is a stark reminder of what the world, and most especially the US was going through, socially in those times—yet it also applies today. It’s true that some things never change; but what you’ve written here, is a grand reminder that we still need to change, no matter the consequences.

Tobias Haglund said about Just Going for a Cabbage by Diane Dickson. Adults behaving like teenagers… There are funny moments in this, but of course the real story is nothing to laugh about. Not to spoil it, but she did the right thing!

My whereabouts in a misspent early adulthood are emerging. How so you ask? Well, as with the previous week’s news piece I have borrowed a phrase/idiom from the world of Horse Racing to describe this week’s Story of the Week poll.

It was a walk over.

If Tobias Haglund were a race horse he just metaphorically walked over the finishing line unopposed. Strictly speaking four opponents were declared, however in the event they didn’t really turn up – hence the term walk over – horse and jockey literally (not metaphorically) walk over the line and collect the prize money/wages/mints/hay etc.

That is not to say that the other four stories that failed to make much of a dent in this week’s poll were not excellent – they were.

And still are.

Individually unique. Collectively diverse.

So thank you once again to all our published authors.

To those rejected, don’t give up. Try again. To those still thinking about submitting a story, click send. Go on do it.

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And now the poll for this weeks stories – Vote Vote Vote

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