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Literally Stories Week 7


Literally Stories Week 7!? Last I checked you were on Week 5. Yea, but then we had a Roundup and with all of the New Year’s Eve Updates who keeps track. Speaking of keeping track, that’s where we left you. At the tracks. The Front Page by David Louden generated a lot of attention.

While we’re on the subject of regenerating, oh we weren’t? I wasn’t paying much attention. As I was saying, The Royalist resurrected the old religion as a political tool satire.

The Wednesday story beautiful and beloved Greek Oranges by our Diane. Guilty feelings of desire, Greece and peeling an orange. What more could you ask from a story?

Speaking of desire – I can do these segments all night – another not-so-often talked about desire is the desire of the elders. In For the Best Hugh explores an interesting format and talks about the elders right to love and desire very blatantly, which is the only way he can talk.

Speaking of talking – I have given up on segments. I’m just writing what comes to mind at this point – our first story of the week was a great homage to the P.I and detective stories. Raymond Chandler would be proud of The Lost Dog by Robert V. Stapleton. The story is filled with sharp atmosphere and captivating lines, or the other way around.

We hope you tune in for next week’s stories. We have five Gretskys for you (great ones).

Finally we are proud to announce, with no further ado, the first story of the week for 2015, from the fifth of January to the ninth of January. Are you ready? Hang on to your bootstraps because this is going to be very …

New writer. Let’s just announce it.

The Story of the week is: Gully by Richard Ardus

story of the week banner

Here at Literally Stories we are keen to give kudos where it’s due! – See above 🙂 and so we have endeavoured to highlight the most popular story each week. We have used as our criteria the number of views, “likes” and comments each post has received. The trouble is that not everybody who enjoys a story has the time or inclination to comment and so it is at best an informed guesstimate.

Now that we are more established we would like to hand over the choice to you our readers. So, we are pleased to give you the Story of the Week vote. Below is the poll for the stories published this week and the result will be announced with all due fanfare next Saturday.

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