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Do Eros Sevens Dream Of Jupiter And Mars? by Adam West


The two hundred and fifty kilometres per hour station-to-station no-turbulence pipe came to a stop. End of the line. Everyone off.

I stepped out the pipe onto a narrow walkway amongst a shoulder-to-shoulder throng six wide whose momentum funnelled me toward a down-ramp and into a square, where a girl with dreadlocks leaning against a 3-D sandwich-board bit through a foil wrapped protein bar – without first removing the foil.

Sodium glare from overhead down-lighters pooled around her bejewelled feet. When she looked up from the three hundred credit a go, all-in-one meal, silvery-white light flashed off her to-die-for self-cleaning teeth in titanium alloy.

No crumbs. No unsightly residue. No substance too tough.

The Ad men aren’t joshing us, I thought; those teeth are the business.

After the girl swallowed the mint-flavoured bolus I asked about prices.

No off-peak travel permits till Thursday, she told me, at any cost.

I activated my Holo-I-Dent.

Not even for Level Five workers, I said?


Step lightly girl, I said, touching her forehead.

She bowed. I left.


Quarantine laws were ultra-draconian this cycle even by Fourth City standards. Of course, no one grumbled. Not when the last epidemic claimed three million.

I would just have to wait.

I dialled a cab. Got dropped at the Plaza where I paid through the nose for a ready-to-go Eros Seven who I slept with in a ten by six overnight security-pad situated just off the third and top rung of the inter-city sky-way. Before I turned out the light I accessed my credit balance – twenty-three thousand ordinary creds was not enough to see me through till Thursday. Find boon-work tomorrow or sleep rough.

In the morning I walked to the nearest terminal, rode the open-topped overground tram to the basin, where Boon Agents were already busy signing up Level Fives and Sixes. Common-a-garden chip salvage work invariably done by casuals did not pay that well but did help accrue additional travel credits, so… I got myself two days work.

That night I bumped into the same Eros Seven who had kept me warm and nourished the night before. Like a fool I agreed to be her official off-terra escort on the next off-peak inter-stellar blimp out of there, in exchange naturally, for cut-rate services.

Her name was Rishka. Like all other MK1 Eros Seven models I had slept with she was exactly two metres tall. Unlike all the other MK1’s I had known her eyes were the colour of deep-mined Venusian sapphire.

The next night after I finished work I bought two permits from the dread-locked tout with precious metal teeth.

The trip lasted almost one complete cycle. The solar storms we ran through bypassing Jupiter’s orbit were the worst on record but it was worth the fare just to see Rishka’s face.

She never slept the whole journey.

Had Rishka been capable of sleep, I wondered, would she have dreamt of Jupiter and Mars?

Adam West

11 thoughts on “Do Eros Sevens Dream Of Jupiter And Mars? by Adam West”

  1. Very imaginative. The world (as in universe) you have created is interesting and full of interesting details. The draconian laws, his wage and so on are just minor details in this but add much to the atmosphere. Well done.


  2. I don’t usually enjoy science fiction, too much techy background filler that bores me rigid. I enjoyed this though, short, sweet, easy to follow and a whole new world painted in a few strokes.


    1. I am a minimalist at heart, Jane. The fewer brush strokes the better. I’d not thought of this story as sweet but now you mention it there is an innocence to Rishka that could be described as endearing. Thanks for giving science fiction a go – all the best, Adam

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Adam, this was an interesting leap into the future world of space travel within the solar system. We see a future yet it is reflective of the present. A world where the workers have defined levels, not unlike today’s civil service grades. Fear of disease and with quarantine rules that are seen today with the Ebola virus. You show there is still unemployment and people living on the edge of their bank balance. But still the idea of pleasure takes precedence in the form of Eros Seven. So I consider what does the future hold, technology will change that is certain but will humankind develop sufficiently to appreciate themselves? An interesting and thought provoking piece that I enjoyed reading. James.


  4. A well constructed and well imagined world which I enjoyed roaming around in. It’s not easy to establish a sci-fi location without getting overly bogged down in endless detailing and technobabble – you manage it with a great degree of skill in this piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  5. Hi Adam, many discussions we have had and I am still happy to say that the quality and class of your writing is ALWAYS there for everyone to see.
    All the very best my friend.


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