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Literally Stories – Week 2


Week 2 on Literally Stories and no one can say we did not live up to our globe-trotting promise.

Monday witnessed a Welshman, living in South Africa, writing disturbing American based horror.

Tuesday, Swedish funny man Tobias Haglund landed us in Germanville trick-or-treating Nietzche et al.

Wednesday and it was but a short trip to Dover for an Englishman and his Romanian girlfriend.

Thursday saw a return to the USA. More unpleasant goings on in the backwoods with squirrels and…sorry folks, that would be telling.

Friday brought Week 2 to a close with a suspect Russian Product’ which was up for negotiation in an offer you really would want to think twice about.

The most read story from the inaugural week on Literally Stories was Post by Jenny Morton Potts. Her wonderfully crafted tale narrowly pipped another excellent piece of writing, Friday by Jane Dougherty, and so Post gets pride of place as the first incumbent in our Story of the Week berth, which is located at the foot of the Story Menu.

Week 3 sees Literally Stories first venture into Science Fiction, and if that is not your thing then there’s another story that will leave you feeling…no, we won’t spoil any of the surprises our authors have in store for you.

Happy reading folks and please don’t be shy about submitting your work. Let us be the judge of it and if it’s doesn’t make the grade then think there’s an even better story in me.

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