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The Troubadour by Tobias Haglund


”Hello, sir.”


”Uhm. I’m here to see Pam.”

“My daughter?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You the kid?”


“I mean the kid she’s been sneaking off with. The … No, let me think. The Williams boy, right?”

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All Stories, General Fiction, Story of the Week

Honey Pie by Tobias Haglund


It shone over Hayfield, South Dakota, and George Angus ran his hand through straws of Hard Red Winter Wheat. Cream colored leaves. He used his hand to shield against the sun and fixed his eyes on the old oak tree upon the hill. Then down again. Frail dryness. Like the touch of Mary’s hand. He looked at his own hands, dry but not frail. Quite sturdy. Sharp lines, trenches from a working life. He ran his palm over his scruffy wide face.

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