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Our Harbour by Paul Kimm

Until the first ‘magical’ incident our harbour was like most others around the country. One side with its fishing industry and the other for the summer tourists. The South Pier reeking of fish guts and the north side either boarded up or packed with visitors stuffing seafood and sugar into their mouths depending on whether it was summer or not. That was until a few years back.

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Pines Everywhere by Tobias Haglund


“Pines everywhere. And we have been driving in this stinking Volvo for three hours without a break.”

“A much needed coffee break, indeed!”

Joe tapped the car window a few times. A clear blue lake could be spotted behind the pines, but Joe turned his head and just missed it. He turned on the radio.

“Listen. What the hell is he talking about? Is he talking Elvish?”

“No I don’t think it is Elvis, it sounds Swedish to me.”

Ulriksberg 4 km.

“Drive towards Owhlricksburgh. It must be Norway.”

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