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Strange Encounter by Tom Sheehan

I knew it was one of “those” days the very moment I woke up, my head spinning as dawn clustered around me calling for attention, trying to snap me back to a real encounter, not the lingering touches of darkest night I had no control over.

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The Roomer by Tom Sheehan

“Special delivery, Ma’am,” the man said, handing Gladys Towbridge the small packet of mail gathered in a rubber band he had extracted from her mailbox. His casual smile matched his clothes, she thought, comfortable, probably durable, warm enough to cover some extremes. “I’m looking for a room and was told at the bus depot that I might find accommodations here. I left my bag in a locker in case that was not to be the case. My name is Augustus Emberly. I have come a long way today and would rather not move on right now.”

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