Haglund, Tobias

Tobias Haglund is from Stockholm, Sweden. He grew up writing sketches for school, never sensible always madcap.  His poems have been published in literary journals and poetry sites. His English comedy stories got him involved in Literally Stories, but now he mostly writes general fiction.

Tobias studies literature and language. When he is not writing, he’s reading. His other stories can be found:


Snazzy Tobias


General Fiction:

Season’s Greetings


Thinking in Nature

To Friends and Family


Pater Noster

Honey Pie

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The Village – Adult Content

The Gulls Cry


Saunders House

They Know

Sadistic Justice

Before Hitting The Ground

A Night In Vienna

Carla – Adult Content

Flanders Fields

Spring-Summer Diary

The Boat Song

The Troubadour

Still Working

Direct Democracy

The Counselor

The Executor

Dancing in Amsterdam

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Homes, Brothers and Fantasies


All Saints Day


Trick-Or-Treating In Germanville

Dracul’s Lair – Rooms Available

The Royalists

Pines Everywhere

A Captivating Meeting

Holding Hostage

Mr. Peta

All Saints Day

Writing Pieces:

Tobias Haglund In Conversation With Adam West

Tobias Haglund in conversation with Nik Eveleigh

A Writing Piece

Editor Picks

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