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A Bit of Storytime by Shoshauna Shy – TRIGGER WARNING – Disturbing Adult Content

Linny moves in upstairs to apartment 2B, so finally, Nadine, my wife’s kid has a buddy for first grade. I put out Coca Cola and Oreos when Linny comes down to watch cartoons with Nadine. Cook them bacon for supper when the wife goes to sisters in Paloma, leaving me in charge.  Nothing sweeter than the smell of Linny’s nape – like peppermint Chiclets, fabric softener and perspiration all rolled into one.

Saturday afternoons, take them on a bus to the movies at Fortune Square, Disney flicks with mermaids and princesses. Buy them kettle corn, big tubs of it, and chew Dots out of one box. I overhear Nadine ask Linny one time why she doesn’t have a daddy of her own taking her to matinees. Linny just hunches down and lowers her face to her lap.      

Home all day on SSI, I tell her mama that Linny can join Nadine and me at Severs Park after school; I’ll watch out for her. Docile as a kitten, she never raises her voice or sasses back. Never stands up for herself neither when big kids want their way. Linny, you’re safe with me, I know how to keep you safe, I say. Skinny little girl smiles wide as the sky.

When Severs Park gets flooded for an ice rink, I find skates at St. Vincent’s that fit both of them. Lots of pretty mothers in parkas smile at me, say I’m patient lacing skates; wished their husbands were so nice. And Linny’s mama, after a long shift at St. Augusta’s, calls us a ‘godsend’ when she brings Linny to our door. Such a nice family, she says. You all a godsend.

That’s what we are! Wife with bag of Doritos and the TV blasting in the dining room, me in the living room letting both girls climb into my lap for storytime. Nadine holds Velveteen Rabbit  while I read the words out loud.

When around the page the rabbit goes on a picnic, I slide my hand gentle-like beneath Linny’s yellow dress. Next I slide it between her thighs. Not my fault girl starts sucking her thumb. Wiggles closer. Soon that cotton dress is blue, then it’s denim, corduroy, wool. Cotton panties, nylon panties, no panties. This gal is dressing for me !

During Christmas break, wife says Nadine’s old enough to have sleep-overs now. So, it’s after midnight when Linny pushes mine and the wife’s bedroom door open, says she’s hungry, can’t sleep. I get up, and in our pajamas, the two of us prowl to the kitchen, like panthers. I make her a snack by moonlight. She climbs into my lap to eat her butter sandwich, and both of us are happy.

Not long after that, though, the wife whisks Nadine off to Paloma with no warning, hardly any luggage. Cops come to my door and clamp handcuffs on me before I even stand up out of my chair. Tell me I’m under arrest for what I done to Linny Straker. Like I did anything the kid didn’t want! Those Sunday mornings the wife and Nadine go to mass at St. Luke’s, she come knocking at my door calling Mr Jameson play with me Can you play with me Mr Jameson till Deen come home? I tell the sheriff this when he books me. He shakes his head, lips rolled tight, eyes squinty; doesn’t want to hear it. Neither does the judge.  Act like I stole something when all I did was help myself to what stupid Straker had no idea was hers in the first place.

I’m out of jail now. My efficiency on 4th Street in this backwater burg across state is on the same floor as Ms. Beldon’s apartment. Parole officer says not a problem Ms. Beldon stops in with a casserole now and again. Not a problem she got a grandson named Jeffrey stays with her.  I say no problem Jeffrey doesn’t talk much for a five-year-old, and so what Ms. Beldon asks me to watch him when she goes to Bingo?  No one’s fault Jeff wants a bit of storytime.         

No one’s fault but his.

Shoshauna Shy

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Story previously published by Thrice Fiction in 2016.

8 thoughts on “A Bit of Storytime by Shoshauna Shy – TRIGGER WARNING – Disturbing Adult Content”

  1. Hi Shoshauna,
    I would be being a huge hypocrite if I slated this for content!!
    The emotion that we’ve all felt whilst reading this shows what an absolute brilliant job you have done in getting your MC perfectly vile.
    I looked back at the comments I got from the story ‘Sam’ and my answer to a negative comment – I need to stand by those thoughts and will defend this story to the hilt.
    I had considered the argument that the MC was a huge stereotype but we’ve said time and time again that the stereotypes are out there. I’m actually glad that there is a high percentage of that type as their behaviour can be spotted and predicted. (Up to a point)
    The character was vile as was his ‘reasoning’.
    What was also brilliantly done was that there was no guilt or repentance from him, just him looking for that other opportunity. I feel that is the main point but our emotion clouds our judgement and we are immersed with him and what he is doing. When I actually read it back, it is understated and to be truthful, that adds to the nastiness of him.
    I think all you wanted to do was make us consider that these sleaze-bags are out there with no remorse and no conscience.
    This is brave and a subject that very few are able to commit too. You had the guts and confidence to go where this story took you.


    1. Hugh, I appreciate your taking the time to give me your reaction to this story. It took me decades to find a way to write this. Men like him prey on the vulnerable and lonely; they know what to look for.


  2. I’ve been told by writing pros that every story has to have a protagonist, antagonist, and conflict. I’ve never believed it and pointed out Jim Thompson and Patricia Highsmith as disproof. This is another example that appropriately throws that writing “rule” in the trash can.


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