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Literally Reruns – Mr. Zimmerman Flies to Buenos Aires (Economy Class) by Adam West

Adam was the founding member of Literally Stories, as such he has his own cupboard in the dungeons at LS Towers. Access requires a special key, a code and a bribe for the hunchback guardian. Apparently Leila has stolen the key, guessed the code and we just don’t know what she gave the hunchback!! Anyway – she found this:

This one messes with reality: what is is, then isn’t, suddenly is possibly something else it cannot be–but just might. The previous sentence describes what happens in the mind whilst on LSD. Mr West does a beautiful job bringing forth Mr. Zimmerman and a certain Ms. Ruston, while at the same time admitting to all involved that they may or may not be a who but a whom.

It’s a weird little thing, but pleasurable. Moreover, for the benefit of the curious, Mr. West added a coda which tells of a string of circumstances too odd to be fiction.

Q: I think this hasn’t aged a bit, nor would I change two words of it, but as it is yours, is there anything you would do differently after having a look at it five years later?

Q: I’ve debated this idea with dozens of artists and musicians and writers: Do you believe that  mind altering substances aid creativity? (Personally I don’t think so. I just like a good time. But some swear by their hallucinogenics.)

Leila Allison


Mr. Zimmerman Flies to Buenos Aires (Economy Class)

Adam’s responses.

Mr. Zimmerman flies again. I am humbled. He is terrified. Once again thank you Leila for seeing fit to disturb our readers by releasing my scribbles.

Q1. I am notorious for making a thousand and one revisions and still not being satisfied. The answer therefore is no. I am done with this.

Q2. Kesey famously tried to write whilst under the influence of LSD. He said the writing was gibberish. I need a spark, something which inspires creativity, for me to write. At all. I am skeptical whether hallucinogens or even less mind altering substances really aid the creative process, especially writing. Aldous Huxley I believe explored the subconscious mind freeing creativity using light and sound deprivation. I recommend tea and a custard cream biscuit. Or a garibaldi if you really want to push out the proverbial boat.

4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Mr. Zimmerman Flies to Buenos Aires (Economy Class) by Adam West”

  1. Thank you for your answers, Adam. I bribed the hunchback Diane mentioned with the two items I use to open my doors of perception in the morning: Black coffee and an apple Danish.
    Thank you again.


  2. Hi Leila,
    Your usual excellence with both choice and questions!
    Oh and no breakfast is really a breakfast without a lager as an appetiser. Orange juice should only be part of a screwdriver.
    Two bacon rolls and half a pint of Advocaat is breakfast of the Gods!!

    Adam – It’s always great to see you around in whatever way. I remember the inspiration from this one.
    A few weeks back I added ‘The Man In The Long Black Coat’ to my playlist – I think it’s one of his best.
    As per writing whilst under the influence. I’ve been guilty of that on many an occasion but I’ve always had the good sense to check the next morning and apologise if I’d commented anywhere!
    Hope all is well with you and yours.


  3. Cheers Hugh – Joan Osborne’s first two albums featured a Dylan penned track. The aforementioned TMITLBC on her first delicious offering ‘Relish’ is how I came about the song. I believe she does it justice but beauty is in the ear of the listener – take care good Sir!


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