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Literally Reruns – 2:45AM by Todd Levin

Time for an older story – haha see what I did there. Oh okay – Leila found this without the aid of a torch- shining away in the back cupboard in LS Dungeons. this is what she said:-

This early LS story hasn’t aged a microsecond since it appeared in 2015. It’s MC ( “Todd” like his creator) certainly has a way with the ladies. Yet he isn’t insensitive or out of reach. At least not out of reach.

2:45 displays a deft touch. Although there are many talented writers who have appeared on the site, there are never too many. In that spirit, I hope we see more of Mr. Levin.

Q: Tremendous use of effective repetition is present, as in time, the elevator the women. Although it has been awhile, what do you recall wanting to get across while composing the piece?

Q: I read the original reader comments, and I didn’t see mention (could be I missed it) of a claustrophobic vibe in the story, which was quite evident to me. Not just because of the elevator…it seemed to me that everyone so crimped together by circumstance. Do you concur?

Leila Allison


2:45 AM

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contact Todd so – If you are out there and still a friend of the site – please get in touch. dd

1 thought on “Literally Reruns – 2:45AM by Todd Levin”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Top drawer choice as usual.
    This is one of those where the choice of the image emphasises the story.
    When I saw the title, I couldn’t quite remember but when I saw the image, it all came back to me.
    Someone needs a nod for the images!!
    It’s a pity we’ve lost Todd. Hopefully someone will tell him about this.


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