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Week 290 – Angry Writing, ‘Interest’ Is Taking The Piss And A Terrible Link Between Sunken Ships And Kitchen Utensils.

I was wondering this week when people write.

Do you need to be in a specific state of mind?

Do you need to be happy?

Do you need to be in tune with the type of story that you are writing?

I’m not sure but I do think that if I’ve some emotion going through me then I’m able to put something on paper.

It doesn’t matter for me but feeling really pissed off (Which is most of the time) seems to be like a magnifying glass and I can use that to touch on the few emotions that I have left.

I’ve never tried writing when I was happy as that last happened on the 8th November 1983.

I think that is why teenagers all write angst ridden as that is what they are. Or heartbroken, I think that is a step up from angst ridden.

I once thought about not drinking when I was sad as I’d be a miserable drunk. It’s weird how that only works one way. I realised that if I only drank when I was happy I’d be a very miserable teetotaller and that would make me sad…That is one of life’s vicious circles that makes you realise sobriety is so overrated. Stay pished and get through life the best you can.

I do think writing is therapeutic and if you are pissed off for whatever reason, you can lose yourself in amongst your characters.

I honestly think when life is kicking you in the haw-maws and you write, it will help you that tiny wee bit. It won’t take anything away but it may give you an outlet to channel whatever it is you can’t say.

But I would advise to try and steer clear of what is annoying you. Channel all that pissedoffness into a different scenario.

I had to get that in or we will be inundated with the broken-hearted and suicidal teenagers.

Do you know that all teenagers were lemmings in a past life?

Oh and if there is any do-gooder out there who would say ‘Mental Health’ is not a joking matter’ just fuck off!

Mental health is as varied as physical health. Some things need immediate attention and a lot of the rest devalues those poor souls who really need help.

I feel that we’ve went full circle from not talking about it to not shutting the fuck up.

See I was angry about one thing and channeled it to another!

Now I’ve forgot.

Oh yes…

…I am absolutely pissed off with all the so called human interest stories at the moment.

We’ve had the old guy walking in his garden, someone walking up their stairs to the equivalent height of Mount Everest and fuck knows how many quizzes and terrible musical renditions.

On-top of all that I’ve just seen that in Germany there are one person discos being made from old telephone boxes.

Fuck me – If I wanted to dance by myself and go home alone, I’d travel back to the eighties!

These are not stories, they are not interesting, they are just sad!

Say what you want about Serial Killers but they do make the news interesting.

Oh and don’t get me started about Trump. Slag the man all you want but for you to experience pure gut reaction or have a bit of a laugh, watch him, his hair and listen to his words.

Seeing some prick dressed in a balaclava, with a skipping rope tied around his middle and walking past the picture of his gran on a fecking donkey three million times doesn’t quite cut it!!

Okay, onto this weeks stories.

We had two new folks a third timer for a third time in a row, a legend and me.

Our topics this week include; sucking, resenting, a season, rebellion and beasties.

As always or initial comments follow.

First up was Paul Blaney.

This was Paul’s third outing for us in so many weeks.

‘Vampires‘ got us up and running.

‘Paul has a common theme in these stories. There is a lot of imagination being let loose by his characters.’

‘I did enjoy this. There was none of that vampire silliness you get now-a-days.’

‘This left enough to the readers imagination.’

I had ‘Friday Night‘ published on emm Tuesday. That was some crap planning!

Just a huge thanks to Nik and Diane for indulging me a tad!

I also got to be neighbours with Leila – That also made my day!

Zippy And The Zephyrling‘ broke the back of the week.

‘Just amazing. Leila has made a standard for us that not many could even begin to keep up with.’

‘This is probably a lot cleverer than I have grasped.’

‘Leila couldn’t do bland if she tried. The imagination she has is astounding.’

We have two newbies in a row.

We extend both of them the same welcome to the site.

We hope that they have fun and have a long association with us by sending us more of their work.

Ezra Solway was published on Thursday with, ‘Summer Of Small Deaths.’

‘Well it sure was a busy old summer. I enjoyed reading this.’

‘Very good writing.’

‘The delivery was choppy and I don’t mean that as a negative – It really suited the story.’

And we finished off with Sandra Arnold’s first for us.

The Tyranny Of Teeth‘ completed the week.

‘This was that bit different with an excellent pace.’

‘Nasty, sad and draped in some melancholy.’

‘I was pleased when she dropped the F bomb!!’

That’s us for another week.

Have a look at all of the previous Saturday Postings for the usual reminders.

Achh – I know that’s a bit lazy and very unprofessional. But I reckon when I’m dribbling on myself and madder than I am at this moment in time, I’ll be saying over and over again:

Please comment.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-Run.

In the future, I’m hoping to train my carers into giving me a whisky as I will shut up every time that they do.

That’ll become my new repetition:

Please comment.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-Run.

Please comment.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-Run.

Please comment.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-Run.

Drink whisky.

And repeat until I’m pished and pass out.

Oh, I’ve just remembered something else that really has annoyed me. We bought a new colander. It is shite.

When you think back to how things were made and how long they lasted it really does make you sad for the crap throw away culture that we have now-a-days.

The further back you go, the better things were made.

Tradesmen were tradesmen in those days.

Do you know that even with what The Titanic went through, and after all those years, when it was discovered, the swimming pool still had water in it.

…Not as much as my fecking colander though!!


Image by Golda Falk from Pixabay

My first instinct was to use an image of the SS Titanic and of course there are many but I just can’t do it. I can’t watch that bloody fillum either. I just think it’s too heartbreaking the whole thing – it’s just one of those subjects that I can’t get past. I think it comes from when I was small and I saw a bit of the film “A Night to Remember” and it was a  scene where the huge mirror broke and it has done something to my poor addled brain. Anyway – I decided instead to give you the crappiest colander I could find. This is labelled salad! on the website – pretty poor salad if you ask me, not a tomato in sight. Anyway – here you are useless kitchen utensils as ordered Hugh!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 290 – Angry Writing, ‘Interest’ Is Taking The Piss And A Terrible Link Between Sunken Ships And Kitchen Utensils.”

  1. Never write drunk, but you have to learn how to do it with a hangover. Of course those are states of being composed of many moods.
    As a rule “moderately to severely annoyed” is my chief emotion. So it’s what I have to go with


    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always – Much appreciated.
      I’m trying to think if there is anything I’ve not done drunk.
      The only things that spring to mind are being operated on and going to school for the first six years.
      ‘Moderately to severely annoyed’ is a constant state which is much better than those who rebel by having two spoonfuls of Horlicks of a night.
      ‘Born to be mild’ just doesn’t cut it!!


  2. Hi Diane,
    ‘A Night To Remember’ is one of my favourite films. The thought of the drunken baker surviving always makes me smile.
    And what about the legend that was Ronnie Allen who soared to the heights of being a main character in Crossroads! Who said his career peaked at working with Kenneth Moore??
    I can’t watch that travesty that is ‘Titanic’. Decrapio and a fecking caterwauling Celine Dion should have sunk that film faster than the actual ship!


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