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Literally Reruns – Lissa’s Moment by Diane M Dickson

Leila has paid me the wonderful compliment of choosing a piece of mine from 2015 for a rerun.  This is what she said:

These fine pieces ran on consecutive days five years ago. Although they may be correctly considered halves of the same story, both have the admirable ability to stand alone without the support of the other.

Q: There is an undeniable ethereal quality in the Lissa’s stories, yet this was not achieved at the costly expense of the omission of details and description of the action. How difficult was it to meld these two distinct threads, especially when the narrative was extremely close to Lissa’s  almost dreamlike POV?

I don’t remember finding it difficult. It was one of those wonderful times when I could really ‘see’ the scenes and the characters as I wrote and I think that really helped with the drawing of the locations and people. I had become intrigued with the Steam Punk thing and wondered how closely I could adhere to that genre. I’m not sure I achieved that but I did become fond of Lissa and a little afraid of the world that she was living in. 


Q: And now for an extremely subjective question: Metaphorically speaking, at the end do you believe that Lissa “died” to escape a bad existence or did so in hope to be borne and born away and into something greater?

I believe that Lissa died because she had simply come to the end of her existence and there was no reason for her to carry on trying to stay alive. I think that she believed that there had to be something better than the life she had just experienced. I hope she was right. 

Leila Allison


Lissa’s Moment

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Lissa’s Moment by Diane M Dickson”

  1. Hello there ladies.
    Excellent choice Leila as always.
    Insightful questions as always.
    And Diane, your thoughts on your own stories are as interesting as always!



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