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Sal C               8/20/2016

Good sized rooms. Bed was a little stiff. Linens were clean but itchy. TV remote didn’t work. No shampoos, only soap. Water pressure was really strong. For the price, it was fine.

Andrea S         7/5/2016

We took 2 kids and our dog to this motel. The staff was polite and helpful. However, the room was musty and I assume a dog peed in the corner because our dog kept going over to smell it. If you stay here and bring a dog there is a grassy area in the back where you can walk it. Make sure you bring a flashlight if it’s late because it’s dark and the grass is really tall and there are places where the ground is all dug up. I almost tripped.

Wendy M        5/01/2016

Nope nope nope! The room had a chair that looked like it came from a meth lab where incontinent homeless people sleep in it. Spend the extra money to stay at a major chain!

Tatum S          6/9/2016

Checking in was no problem. When I needed to set a wake up call, the phone in my room didn’t work—no dial tone. So I had to walk across the parking lot to the tiny little lobby. Tried three times to get the attention of the girl behind the front desk. The maintenance guy was back there flirting with her hardcore. She’s got a ring on her finger, buddy, I don’t think you’re gonna get anywhere!

Gabriel S         6/14/2016

I forgot the WiFi password so I went to the reception desk. Rang the bell five times and didn’t see hide nor hair of the girl who checked me in. Then when I was walking back to my room I saw her walking out of one of the guest rooms, smoking a cigarette and talking to someone inside. If you’re just going to hang out with your friends you shouldn’t be at work!

Eugene T         6/13/2016

I stayed at this motel for a whole weekend for work. I was woken up at all hours by the people in the room next to me having sex so loud I thought for sure they were going to break the bed. Thank god I didn’t have children with me! Every time I heard it, I called the front desk to complain and see if they could do anything but nobody answered. Typical cheap motel, typical bad service.

Steve D           8/7/2016

It’s a pretty inconvenient part of town, and there is not much to crow about. The whole building is a U shape, with the parking lot in the middle, and all of the rooms have a door and one window that faces the parking lot directly, so there are literally no “rooms with a view.”

Eric B              4/17/2016

This is a dive motel but you get what you pay for. The mattress was pretty comfortable. The ice machine was kind of noisy, but when I complained about it to Selena at the front desk, she was very helpful and she moved me to a room farther from the noise.

Chad B            6/15/2016

My room was not clean. I read online how to inspect for bed bugs, so I made sure not to put my luggage anywhere near the bed until after I looked it up and down with a magnifying glass. Well, I didn’t find any bedbugs, but there were totally pubic hairs on the bed! And there was an earring on the nightstand. When I went to the front desk to demand a different room the girl at the front desk was super apologetic. Well when she turned her head I found out why—she was wearing one earring and it matched the one in the room! ROTFLMFAO!

Helen J            5/20/2016

I called to complain that my AC didn’t work and the maintenance man showed up within ten minutes. And let me tell you, he was allll man. I was sooo embarrassed, I was wearing my old ratty housecoat and the guy who showed up to fix the air looked like Mario Lopez from Saved By the Bell circa 1999. If I had known he was gonna be cute I would have taken a shower and done my hair before I called, lol.

Andrew D       5/17/2016

This motel was okay except for two things: 1) I had to work a job graveyard shift so when I got into town I wanted to check in as soon as possible. They told me over the phone that early check in *might* be an option but then when I showed up in person I had to wait a full hour to check into my room. 2) Once inside my room, I tried to make it as dark as possible, but no matter how hard I tried to position the curtains in front of the window above the air conditioning unit next to the door, there was always a gap letting in light. I did *not* get as much sleep as I needed.

Andrea G        6/11/2016

Nothing fancy, but I needed a place to stay while I was in Iowa for a music festival. This was probably the second cheapest room on any of the web sites, but the cheaper hotel had 1/2 less stars, so the Motel Spencerville it was!

Reyna N          6/19/2016

I thought the place looked fine at first. The price was definitely right. But this hotel had a peeping tom!!! When I went into my room a really questionable looking older guy with a gray beard was standing outside one of the rooms, listening. When I left my room five minutes later, he was still standing outside and looking in through the side of the window curtains!!! I tried to tell someone at the front desk but no one was there. When I got back from dinner later the guy was gone, but then when I was leaving at midnight to catch my red-eye, I saw him again, the same damn guy with the scruffy gray beard in the parking lot, looking drunk as a skunk and just staring at the same room. So creepy!

Maricela H      6/21/2016

The area is pretty sketch, there was a Custom Metal Finishing place next door, and a building that looked like a metal shed that said “Demolition & Excavation.”  No restaurants or coffee shops within walking distance.

Sam G             6/19/2016

This is a bad neighborhood and I would NOT stay here again. I was in town for a conference and everything was booked, this was the only hotel available last-minute. Never making THAT mistake again. I got back to my room after being awake for 20 hours or so (long LONG day of travel.)  All I wanted to do was sleep, but around 1am I get woken up by someone BANGING on the door of the room underneath me, some drunk guy shouting things like “I know what’s going on, open up right now” and a lot of curse words. Well eventually they must of let him in, because then there were people shouting directly below me while I was TRYING to sleep, and then a loud thumping noise like somebody head butting the wall ten times in a row while a woman just SCREAMED her head off. Even after it quieted down, you could just hear her crying for an hour. This place is GHETTO! Lesson learned—never procrastinate making reservations!

Monica S         3/8/2016

I had a nonsmoking room and I swear it had been used as a smoking room for ten years before they decided to call it a nonsmoking room. It smelled so bad!!

Walter H         6/27/2016

This location does not have a pool or mini fridges. When we checked in the girl at the front desk was completely distracted the whole time. Her eyes were red and she avoided eye contact the whole time. I told her to smile and she just stared at me, not smiling. So rude.

Hue N             7/3/2016


-Coffee makers in rooms

-Relatively cheap

-Has HBO for Game of Thrones


-No free wifi (had to pay for it)

-Shower had mildew

-Room had a funny smell.

Daniel D         6/21/2016

I was in town for a few days & I had 2 stay here for work. On my 2nd night I was trying to sleep and there was a helluva commotion all the way on the other side of the parking lot. I finally looked out the peephole & I see the owner of the motel dragging a bunch of rolled up blankets across the parking lot toward the field in the back. PEOPLE GOT TO SLEEP, MAN! Then the next day I called to get my a/c looked at &  was told the maintenance guy was out for the day. He must’ve been out for the week because it never got fixed!

Leah B            7/11/2016

I am never staying here again! The room looked clean, but when I was getting ready to leave I couldn’t find one of my credit cards so I had to look everywhere. When I pulled the mattress off the bed, there was a gap between the box spring and the wooden edges of the bed, so I lifted up the box spring and I almost threw up! There was a HUGE BLOODSTAIN under the bed. SO GROSS! And it was obvious that they knew about it because I could see where they had cleaned the carpet next to the bed, they just left whatever was under the bed to dry and congeal. SO NASTY!

Dario S            7/19/2016

This hotel is nice. The room was clean, the only problem was the new paint smell in my room.

Janet B 6/20/2016

Our water heater died and my husband and I needed to take showers, so we decided to stay at a hotel halfway between where each of us works. This location was perfect. The reviews were kind of mixed but we didn’t need a four star experience. Check in was weird because the girl who checked us in was having some kind of allergy attack. Seriously, her nose was running, her eyes were running, my husband honestly didn’t want to touch the credit card slip when she handed it to him.

The room was fine. It looked pretty clean, and there was a flat screen TV and we figured we would watch some TV before bed. I was pleased with the effort this little locally-owned place was making.


My husband ended up using all of the shampoo we brought, so I went out, in my towel, to look for some. I didn’t see a vending machine so I went back to the front desk and the receptionist was there with some older guy with a grey beard; I couldn’t figure out if it was her husband or the owner of the hotel. Possibly both, because they were fighting unbelievably loudly about something when I walked in and they stopped the instant I opened the door. I thought maybe they would apologize or be embarrassed or something but the guy with the beard just glared at me and said, “We’ll be with you in a minute.” Well I’ve never been treated so rudely at a hotel so I just said, “I just need to find shampoo” and he said VERY angrily “Vending machines are outside!” I looked at the girl and she just seemed to be in shock, she didn’t say anything, her face was just dripping snot and her eyes were watering. I was like “Well all righty then!” and I went out and found the shampoo. It made me wish this place had a corporate office I could call to complain to.

Alice A                       6/28/2016

The maintenance guy was BRAND NEW and didn’t know what he was doing. The toilet would not stop flushing, so I called and this white haired old guy showed up and spent 20 minutes fixing it. Then the very next time I had to flush it, it just kept flushing and would not stop running. He said it was his first day but seriously — don’t apply for a job if you don’t know how to do it.

Trevor G         5/10/2016

The girl at the front desk was kind of rude, but she was super hot with big boobs.

Randy C          8/14/2016

It is what it is—a motel. 🙂 We stopped here on our way back from a vacation in Milwaukee and Chicago. After spending a night at the pretentious Grand Hyatt in Chicago, we chose a basic motel to bring us back to reality. It was everything we could have asked. Simple. Pleasant. Uncomplicated. At a place like this, you can really relax and appreciate life.


Jude Atwood

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5 thoughts on “Yawp by Jude Atwood”

  1. Funny story. It paints a pic of a few places I’ve stayed at, sans bloodstains. I like the style of using people’s comments to show the images and setting. Would Walt Whitman have stayed here? He’d be out under a tree.


  2. Rings true. I’ve hated places that got good reviews (colonoscopy for one, and you don’t want that to go bad). Also true of HVAC service. The receptionists sounds like some of the retail people I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.

    This resembles a modern retelling of the blind men and the elephant.


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