5 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. That’s the way things are, you know? We are comfortable with one dimensional villians who are just “that way,” but that is rarely true. Although everyone must be held for their actions, by and by, seldom is evil without Genesis.


  2. Hi Norman,
    It’s great to see you here!!
    We know how hard you worked at this.
    Doug has hit on what makes this that wee bit different.
    The last interaction between the father and son is heartbreaking, empowering, releasing and invigorating in equal measures. There is a lot of emotion in such a few simple lines.
    All the very best my friend.


  3. The father was boxed in, no way out for any feeling but through his anger. The mother did not understand, and she goaded him on to rage. The boy stopped the father, that took true courage, because he too had been boxed in with fear and anxiety. And he freed his anxiety, struck outward not to hit, but to protect his mother. Good story.


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