6 thoughts on “Deleted content”

  1. Wow! Completely identify with this story, I feel like it is about me! I still love Blur, think I was about 14 when Parklife came out…and started reading science fiction as a young teen. I also lent out my precious first copy of Ender’s Game to a friend and never got it back! So many coincidences here. Wasn’t such a fan of Dune though.. You’ve brought back some memories of 90s teen angst.


  2. Nice one. Well written, and point well made. Let’s hope that the teenage phase shall pass and when it does interest in reading lives on again! Not all that hopeful sometimes.


  3. Hi Andrew,
    The voice that you got throughout this story was amazingly believable.
    This is a superb piece of perceptive writing!
    All the very best.


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