Holly by Hugh Cron – Adult Content

She knew why he hung himself.

Holly had just returned home when she heard her her mother’s screams. She ran upstairs and into her brother’s room.

Her parents were in pieces. She calmly called the Emergency Services. Her mother held onto the boy’s body. Her father was sobbing and helped lift his son from the sheet that had been slipped under the cupboard door and knotted at the bottom to keep it in place.

“He could still be alive!!! Martin!! Martin!! Stay with me!!”

She had requested Ambulance, Police and Doctor. She told the operator that her brother’s name was Martin Reid and he had hung himself. She told them he was dead.

“No! Don’t say that!!”

Holly told them that he was blue, cold, still, his eyes were bulging and there was froth all over his shirt. He was dead. He had hung himself.

Both her parents were still crying ‘No!’

“I’ll watch for them.”

She walked downstairs to the front door. She opened it and sat on the step. Holly had sat there a few weeks before.

The coldness of the step reminded her of the semen as it chilled whilst it ran out of her and down her legs. She began to cry. She felt the pain return that had just begun to ease. Holly hoped that his neck had felt as torn as she had. She hoped that he felt shame and disgust as he slipped that sheet around his neck. She wondered if it was the sheet that she had soaked in salt.

Holly shut her eyes and saw the three sets of feet that had stood above her. They’d hit her before he got there. She’d been face down but surely he’d known? When it was his turn, he’d known that he was raping his little sister. He was the only one that had done it there. Maybe he hadn’t wanted to father his nephew and thought her arse was a safer option. She retched as she remembered the grin he gave her when he came home that night.

The Police and Ambulance pulled up at the same time. A Policewoman helped her to her feet and walked with her into the lounge. The Policeman and Paramedics looked at the stairs as they heard her mother’s wailing. She nodded and they went up.

The Policewoman introduced herself but Holly wasn’t paying any attention.

The other officer came into the lounge and shook his head. He went outside and she couldn’t make out what he was saying into his radio. She knew but didn’t really care.

“Take all the time that you need love. We can just sit here for now. You’ve had a terrible shock. The doctor is on his way and he’ll have a look at you. But for now, you can sit and say nothing. I’ll be here for you for as long as you like.”

Holly heard a car door slam and someone else came into the house. She heard more footsteps on the stairs and a few seconds later her mother began to scream louder. Acceptance was a bitch.

The Policewoman went into the kitchen and brought her a glass of water and a piece of white paper towel. She accepted them, sat them down and took a small pair of panties out of her pocket.

“He didn’t know where I was staying last night. I texted him a picture of these. He knew I was coming to see you today.”


Hugh Cron

Image – Pixabay.com

7 thoughts on “Holly by Hugh Cron – Adult Content

  1. On the story: I wonder if the others will now be charged for their attack on Holly. Or will they get off scot free, once their lawyers blame her and her brother for initiating the incident?
    Desperate people get away with murder and the law does not mean justice. Holly could therefore seek revenge by stealth, a much bigger story.
    On the writing: Well condensed and compact writing for the theme of family issues where the parents seem oblivious of their children’s behaviour.
    Strong stuff Hugh.


    • Thanks so much James.
      I did wonder about the parents total lack of knowledge, especially regarding the brother’s friends. But to me he kept all that from them and they were either too trusting or to worried to question.
      Thanks as always, I really do appreciate reading your take on all the stories.
      All the very best my friend.


    • Thanks so much Dave, I can’t ask more than your comments!!
      As always, you help keep the site breathing.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. It is for the best for writers to keep honest, as Hugh. Even the tough stuff must be told. Nowadays a prudish misguided sensibility tries to soften language, sanitize racial slurs (even in dialog), and winds up saying nothing at all. The hardness here is neither gratuitous nor dishonest . This kind of shit happens every day.


    • Hi Irene,
      I totally agree with your comments. I can only write what I see and I see a lot of badness. I think due to it outweighing the good, that is why it is difficult for me to write happy.
      Take the news for example, it’s all doom and gloom story after story and then at the end you might get one ray of decency. In my writing, I am only half way through the news and haven’t got to end nicety yet!
      Thanks as always for your continual support.
      Oh and I promise that I will never give you reason to go all ‘Ghetto Santa’ on me!!!!


  3. Started off grim – stayed grim. The conciseness of this story makes the punches hit harder. I liked the revelation surrounding his motivations. Really switched you from empathy with him, to his sister and mother. What a rollercoaster! Would also love to know what happened to the other participants, but I feel confident that they’ll be named by her at least. It’s easy to imagine how this story will unfold, and it’s hard to picture how her relationship with her mother will be affected by this. Will she be in denial? Or accept the truth?


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