Literally Stories Week 33


Sunday sees another LS author take the helm as Editor (for a day) to choose their three favourite stories from the site in Editor Picks.

Step forward Dave Louden.

Week 33…

Not satisfied with two new authors in one week, Literally Stories pushed the boat out and made it four in a row Monday through Thursday as we welcomed Elizabeth Swann Lewis, Bill Runyan, Michael C. Keith and Jeffrey Miller.

dm gillis who took this week’s Friday berth, needs no introduction.

Garage sales invariably go a lot smoother than the one Elizabeth Swann Lewis described in Monday’s story, Chipped Trivets. No sale perhaps but no lack of drama in this superbly tense little affair.

The Marina witnessed Bill Runyan’s narrator tell a tale with the emphasis on the vernacular. A fine voice. A tragic tale.

Welcome to both Bill and Elizabeth.

Misogynists abounded on Wednesday in Michael C. Keith’s tale of prejudiced academics. Whilst Senior Faculty Act on Roselle Bixby’s Tenure is evidently the longest story title of the week it is not short on sharp observations either.

Jeffrey Miller’s protagonist witnessed all kinds of goings-on in a wonderfully observed story, richly metaphoric with a hint of sourness plus a whiff of something a little sweeter. I give you Black Roses.

We welcome Jeffrey and Michael – two more fine writers, and say hello again to dm gillis who brought an entirely different brand of his unique writing style to our attention on Friday.

Where Cherubs Sleep. Vancouver. 1949. Crime Noir. Read it. Brilliant.


The ‘race’ to become this week’s top mollusc AKA Story of the Week, took place at a snail’s pace with not a hare in sight. Two Celts slugged it out with the Scottish variety slithering his way over the winning line ahead of the Welsh type, with all the guile and grace of an asthmatic Gastropoda.

Only jesting chaps.

Hugh Cron is the ebullient Celt in question.  Why Can’t She See the Difference? his worthy winner.

To make a minor indentation in the annals of literary history score your X in one of the little circles below this fancy icon>>>>

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